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What Happened to Shoretel's Products?

Find out if specific legacy call control platforms, phones, accessories and more from ShoreTel have been renamed, replaced or discontinued.

In September 2017, Mitel completed the acquisition of ShoreTel. ShoreTel was rebranded as Mitel, and as part of the merger, some of ShoreTel’s products were renamed, some were replaced and some may eventually be discontinued. We created this page to help you find out what happened to ShoreTel’s most popular products after the acquisition by Mitel, and where possible, direct you to their new names or their replacements.


What happened to ShoreTel Connect Cloud?
ShoreTel Connect Cloud was renamed MiCloud Connect. MiCloud Connect reaches end of sale in June 2022. Learn more here >


What happened to ShoreTel Connect Onsite?
ShoreTel Connect Onsite is now MiVoice Connect


What happened to ShoreTel 14.2 / Mitel 14.2?

ShoreTel 14.2 was renamed Mitel 14.2 when Mitel acquired ShoreTel in 2017. ShoreTel 14.2 / Mitel 14.2 reached end-of-life status in September 2020. Read more about the 14.2 product lifecycle here >


What's the best alternative or replacement for the ShoreTel 14.2 / Mitel 14.2 phone system?

The best alternatives or replacements for the ShoreTel 14.2 / Mitel 14.2 phone system are RingCentral MVP (for hosted cloud) and MiVoice Connect (for on-site).


What happened to ShoreTel Sky / Mitel Sky?

ShoreTel Sky was renamed Mitel Sky after Mitel acquired Shoretel.

Find tutorials and other learning materials for Mitel Sky here >

Find information on Mitel Sky support here >

Find the Mitel Sky Portal login here >


What happened to Mitel Sky for Maxhire ATS?

Mitel stopped selling the Mitel Sky for Maxhire ATS in 2020.


What happened to JobScience Integrated with Mitel Sky Phones?

Mitel stopped selling the JobScience Integrated with Mitel Sky Phones in 2020.


What happened to  Mitel SKY for LinkPoint360?

Mitel stopped selling the  Mitel SKY for LinkPoint360 in 2020.


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