Ask any small business owner what keeps them up at night, and we bet productivity will make their list. And no wonder: with smaller teams, small businesses have to get more work done with fewer people. The trick is figuring out how to increase productivity without burning out employees.

Good news! We’ve found an answer. It’s as simple as making the right communications and collaboration tools available. For instance, cloud phones, like the ones we provide at Mitel, increase efficiency by making it easier to get work done.

A recent survey of business professionals looked at how communications and collaboration tools impact workplace productivity. Half of the respondents were from companies with between 25 and 2,500 employees. One data point sure to grab the attention of small business owners: 74 percent of employees believe their personal productivity would improve if they had better communications and collaboration tools. Additionally, 82 percent say the staff’s overall productivity would improve. That kind of impact can significantly improve your bottom line.

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So how do you achieve such gains? The survey clearly shows how cloud phones can help solve the productivity challenge faced by many small businesses. Here are a few key findings.

Survey says! Cloud phones deliver for SMBs

Shared workspaces gain traction. The majority of survey respondents (70 percent) say using online workspaces is an efficient way to get things done. For one thing, they make it easy to see what needs attention and to make sure tasks are completed on time. A cloud phone system such as Mitel Teamwork improves employee productivity by offering individual and group chat, file sharing, audio conferencing, web sharing and a personal dashboard to keep employees on top of their daily “to-do” list. And you can forget about the hassle of needing a VPN: Your mobile device offers seamless access.

Phones are not going away. Despite the arrival of new technologies, people still rely on voice calls. A resounding 97 percent of respondents listed phone communications among their top five communication methods of choice. Cloud phones offer softphone, mobile and IP desk phone options so employees can talk with each other – and customers – from any device and location. Team members can also continue a conversation from one device to another without skipping a beat.

Video has potential, but it has to work. Thirty-nine percent of business professionals believe the use of video communications will increase over the next few years. Since employees are more likely to pay attention and participate in meetings where they can be seen and not just heard, video conferences present a real opportunity to increase productivity. Employees want video solutions to be intuitive and reliable, and cloud phones deliver by making video conferencing easy and effective with quality connections. After joining with a single click, it’s simple to share presentations, files and documents in real time. Users can even combine video sharing with one-to-one and group messaging to speed review time and collaborate more effectively than ever.

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Time is money. For SMBs, every penny counts. However, by some estimates, employees waste about 13 percent of their day on inefficient communications, costing companies roughly $10,000 per worker each year. How to address that? Employees suggest using consistent communications and collaboration tools across the organization, integrating them into workflows and leveraging mobile apps.

Cloud phones check off every box on this list. A seamless experience across devices gives your employees access to voice calls, conferencing and messaging. Single-click functionality saves time, while mobile apps support employees on the move. Screen sharing and agenda tracking increase efficiency. Voicemail transcription allows people to read messages via email. Cloud phones simply “bring it” when it comes to saving SMBs time – and the cost associated with it.

As we wrap up these hard facts, we’ll leave you with a soft reminder: A happy employee is a productive employee. When it comes to cloud phones, an easy-to-use, intuitive system is a must. Powerful communications and collaboration tools don’t have to be difficult to use. On the contrary, some of the best systems out there, such as MiCloud Connect, require little to no training. Your small-business employees will be up and running in no time, smiling as they complete calls, projects and tasks with ease.

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Employees have spoken. Cloud phones provide the tools they need to succeed – and you can reap the benefits of their productivity and maximize your potential for growth.

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