The COVID-19 public health crisis taught us that time management and seamless communication among clinical staff and patients could, directly and indirectly, affect business success. Recent events have highlighted the need to upgrade the current healthcare communication systems. This is to accelerate the exchange of information within a facility and maximise human resources. 

Healthcare industry leaders are emphasizing the automation of repetitive tasks as they brace for another eventful era. Automating routine information that does not need to be managed or reviewed can free up workers’ brainwork and their ability to focus on what matters the most: the delivery of outstanding standards of patient care.

Leveraging Healthcare Communications For Patient Satisfaction And Revenue 

Cloud technology has a two-fold effect on healthcare communications. On the one hand, it consolidates and streamlines the exchange of critical information across all staff and departments. On the other hand, it can be leveraged to help recovering patients maintain a lifeline even when using a mobile phone could be limited due to injury or impairment.

Ultimately, the success of a healthcare business lies in its ability to excel in its “behind the scenes” operations and its interaction with the public. For this reason, relying on the right technology can dramatically improve an organisation’s ROI.

Choosing The Best Cloud Technology For Your Success

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right tools to enhance healthcare communication and repetitive task automation. From solid and resilient cloud infrastructure to integrating cloud-based resources with on-site applications, every function within the solution needs to be designed keeping the industry’s needs in mind.

At Mitel, we provide only the best cloud technology for healthcare communications. With over 20 years of combined experience, we proudly take the worry out of communication to enable healthcare professionals to focus on saving or improving their patients' lives.

If you are interested in discovering new ways to improve repetitive communications in healthcare through automation, we would be happy to help.

Contact us to understand how we can assist your business in leveraging automation.

Mike Phillips

Senior UC Consultant

With nearly a decade of experience at Mitel, Mike Phillips focuses predominantly on new business. He articulates Mitel's cloud consumption models to a diverse range of industries and businesses stakeholders, helping them significantly reduce operating costs while preserving data governance and fulfilling new regulatory requirements.

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