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Over the past few years, the aged care industry underwent a profound transformation. As the average life expectancy continues to rise, traditional approaches to care may become obsolete. For this reason, both in-home and long term-facility care providers are taking interest in the benefits of cloud technology. 

On a governmental level, institutions are on a quest to make aged care more affordable without compromising the standards of care delivered. This highlights the importance of leveraging cost-effective solutions specifically tailored to the patients’ needs.

How Aged Care Services Can Leverage Cloud Technology 

There are many ways aged care services can experience benefits from cloud technology. Through the cloud, senior citizens can easily communicate with dear ones over their device of choice. This helps fight the frequent isolation associated with ageing whilst fostering a sense of connection.

Moreover, patients living at home can benefit from medical alert devices that activate and call for help in case of a fall, accident, or any kind of emergency.

Other advantages of cloud technology include medication management through apps and electronic schedules for those who might have a hard time self-administering. Lastly, motion-sensor-based videogames can help seniors remain active through the interactive platforms instructing workout routines. 

The Bottom Line

Whether they choose to keep living at home for as long as possible or opt for a long-term care facility, seniors deserve the best. New-generation cloud technology can help deliver personalised and reliable communication tools specifically designed for their safety, social life, and overall health. 

Healthcare organisations can benefit from the cloud through scalable, cost-effective solutions designed to reduce the workload so existing resources can be better allocated while providing aged care patients with the highest possible standards of care.

At Mitel, we are global leaders in custom communication networks for your industry needs. During our close to five decades of activity, our mission has been to help businesses maintain outstanding levels of communication across departments and with their audience. 

If you are interested in discovering the benefits of leveraging cloud technology within your healthcare organisation, please get in touch here.

Mike Phillips

Senior UC Consultant

With nearly a decade of experience at Mitel, Mike Phillips focuses predominantly on new business. He articulates Mitel's cloud consumption models to a diverse range of industries and businesses stakeholders, helping them significantly reduce operating costs while preserving data governance and fulfilling new regulatory requirements.

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