Mitel’s key strategic pillar is to support our customers and partners during their communications journeys. These are shaped by customer evolutions, changes, and shifting priorities. We all know that there’s no such thing as a straight path to a destination, so how can customers make sense of the possible paths in front of them? Mitel User Group (MUG) is a community where customers can engage directly with Mitel, stay up to date on Mitel products and plans, and reach successful outcomes through networking with other like-minded peers. 

With the 6th Annual Virtual MUG Event on May 19 coming up, I checked in with Bob Baddeley, President of the Global MUG, to talk about the group, the partnership between Mitel and MUG, and the organization’s key priorities.

Virve Virtanen: What is MUG?

Bob Baddeley: MUG is an independent and customer-led community that is nearly 9,000 members strong. Our group is key in advancing members’ understanding of Mitel products and solutions, providing a space for members (comprised of customers, partners, and Mitel employees) to network and share collective feedback in various capacities.
VV: You’re passionate about getting the best out of your Mitel products and getting the information you need to drive that. 

BB: I see a lot of like-minded individuals in the user group engaging with Mitel and providing information we all need. That’s one of my favorite activities. Although, I have to say my favorite is forging the relationships I have built with the people I would now call friends worldwide.

VV: Mitel’s and MUG’s history goes back over 30 years when MUG was regionally focused but expanded globally in 2016.

BB: Yes, and I’ve been involved in the Global Board at the most senior levels since it was founded six years ago. Mitel’s support manifests in many forms: event presence, resources, or the ever-evolving partnership of seeing one another succeed through different feedback initiatives. We consistently hear from members how to access Mitel at events; whether that is a large virtual event or a casual MUG Mingle, those events prove to be one of the most valuable benefits of MUG. 

VV: Our customers matter, and we must engage and hear from our customers directly about what works, what doesn’t, how can we improve, add more value to our customers, and help them to make the best decision related to their communications journey and choices. 

BB: Without the group, I think Mitel could risk becoming adrift from what the users want and need. It’s clear that Mitel senior leadership recognizes this and so I see MUG being here for a very long time. The group is evolving and will continue to over the next few years. I see it only getting stronger as we work to bolster our local presence around the globe.

VV: This year, the MUG Board has three key priorities: Membership, Member Engagement, and Collaboration. Can you expand on those?

BB: Member engagement is imperative to a positive user group experience. This year the focus is to broaden our relationships with new volunteers. Another key focus is to strengthen our local engagement by creating additional local groups that are an extension of the global group. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, is collaboration. We are always looking for new ways to partner with Mitel and ensure that the group is a value add to all those that need it. 

VV: You’re a seasoned Mitel product user. What is the most valuable Mitel function you see across the Mitel products?

BB: Voice as a Service is experiencing rapid and massive change. Every app seems to have Voice in it, and I call these ‘Voice Paths’. The end-users want to use different apps or products and have them work together. I see my end-users using a combination of Mitel desk phones, mobile MS Teams, handheld radios, and personal devices. Mitel’s biggest strength is in the Hierarchy of Voice. Their ability to link all answer points for a simple user experience puts Mitel in a strategic position. 

VV: How can a Mitel end-user join MUG? 

BB: We would love to have new members. Mitel end-users can either join the group at or contact us at our general email for member inquiries. I encourage everyone to register for our 6th Annual Virtual Event on May 19. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Virve Virtanen

VP, Analyst Relations and Competitive Intelligence

Virve Virtanen joined Mitel in 2021 as vice president, analyst relations and competitive intelligence. Virve has rich communications experience garnered from analyst relations leadership roles at companies including Poly, Mapbox, Microsoft, and Nokia. In her position as the leader of Mitel’s analyst relations and market intelligence initiatives, Virve helps expand the company’s efforts to closely engage with analysts around the world about Mitel’s strategy, opportunities, and momentum.

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