Collaboration Solutions in Healthcare to Improve Workflows

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Mike Phillips | September 16, 2022

The business world is undergoing yet another technological transformation, and there is no shortage of modern communication technologies. Notwithstanding, many clinical facilities worldwide still rely on outdated and scattered collaboration solutions.

Considering recent events, the healthcare sector has realised that it is not always adequately equipped to deal with large-scale emergencies. For this reason, organisations worldwide are increasingly upgrading their communication infrastructure.

The Impact Of Improving Healthcare Communication

It is time for medicine to break down geographical and organisational boundaries in our global world. To deliver the best results, clinicians must be able to share information across diversified networks and devices in a fast and intuitive manner. This way, all their energy can be directed toward joining forces to carry out their duty of care.

Time-sensitive communication is often disrupted by malfunctioning communication tools, heavily affecting workflow, ROI, and patient outcomes. By boosting their communication technology, clinical facilities can stop worrying about glitches and miscommunications and focus on saving lives.

Finally, flexible work environments require their communication systems to be in the loop of staff members’ fluctuating schedules and preferred contact methods. This way, clinician-to-clinician communication can flow smoothly, helping to provide quick and seamless care to their patients.

Fast-Tracking Innovation Through Integration

As they rely more heavily on technology, healthcare businesses realise their need for process transformation. With the integration of communication into the business’s most used application and workflow tools, clinical facilities can improve productivity and employee satisfaction and - ultimately - drive growth. Innovative approaches such as an open API ecosystem help healthcare organisations enable more processes with communication capabilities.

Cross-channel, integrated communication is necessary to move a patient through all the main stages of care. To this aim, investing in seamless integration is every healthcare facility’s best bet to boost team collaboration.

How Can We Help?

At Mitel, we boast over two billion business connections worldwide and proudly provide next-level collaboration tools tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

Contact us today to discuss how improved healthcare communication solutions can improve your organisation’s workflow and productivity.

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