It is the beginning of yet another era in the field of communications. As technology becomes available to more users every day, consumer expectations toward customer service continue to increase. For this reason, many organisations find themselves in the position to upgrade their communication infrastructure to meet high volumes of queries in a time-sensitive fashion. 

Whilst the private sector is widely known for its frontline participation in technological innovation, public institutions such as local councils are also integrating next-generation solutions into their existing communication environment. This, in turn, has opened the sector to unrivalled possibilities. 

Case Study: Milton Keynes Council’s Successful Communication Infrastructure Redesign

A great example of the successful integration of a cutting-edge communication solution into a public institution’s pre-existing infrastructure can be found at Milton Keynes Council. A local government and education authority in Buckinghamshire, England, the council provides a broad range of services to its nearly quarter-million residents. 

On their quest to facilitate those tasks relative to tax, libraries, waste collection, and more, Milton Keynes launched a collaboration with Mitel. Through this collaboration, the council aims to virtualise - therefore expedite - the delivery of most of its services.

Making the Best Out of the Existing Infrastructure

Along with completing a virtual service project, the joint effort consisted of adopting Mitel's telephony solution while integrating it with the council’s online customer service platform already in place. 

The success of the operation was apparent. As well as delivering consistent customer service and good quality information, the council managed to streamline its telephony across the organisation. They also upgraded infrastructure, allowing council employees to expand their options in terms of flexibility and remote work capabilities. 

Milton Keynes is only one of the several councils that chose to collaborate with Mitel to better serve their residents. The positive outcome of these endeavours is likely to inspire more public institutions to integrate their communication infrastructure with modern telephony solutions. 

If you are considering an upgrade yourself, we can help. With decades of experience being leaders in business communications, Mitel is committed to delivering next-generation cloud services and products for a wide range of industries.

Our goal is to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and offer the best services to your residents. If you are interested in knowing how to improve your existing communication infrastructure, feel free to schedule a consultation with us today.

Steve Comerford

UC Solutions Consultant

With over 20 years of business communications experience, Steve has supported organisations of all sizes, spanning an array of industries, globally. Through demystifying technology and focusing on delivering business outcomes, Steve continues to support customers and partners navigate through an ever-evolving cloud, UC, and CX market.

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