Finding a soulmate isn’t about a single bright spark that proves you’re meant to live happily ever after. Once you find someone you’re attracted to and compatible with, then you can begin the process. It’s all about learning, growing and changing together — a process of becoming each other’s perfect partner. A long-term relationship can only succeed if both parties commit to doing that work. 

But why are we talking about soulmates on a business blog?

Well, because vendor relationships are a lot like personal ones. Too often, we get caught up in the search for the perfect vendor — the one that will instantly be a soulmate for the life of the business. We don’t stop to make sure that the business is ready to be a good partner. And we don’t evaluate the vendor’s capacity to grow and change alongside the business.

It’s time to start evaluating vendor partners — and your own business — in terms of soulmate potential.

Find Your Business Communications Soulmate

A great business relationship, like all relationships, takes work on both sides. The ideal vendor for your business comms should be willing to put in that work, to evolve with your business, to shore up your weak points and amplify your strong ones.

To help you find (and become!) the perfect partner, Mitel is presenting a chat with B2B tech expert Evan Kirstel and Mitel’s Senior VP of Global Channels, Daren Finney.

Join us for Finding Your Soulmate in Business Communications to learn:

          • How to assess your communications needs before you shop for vendors 
          • Attributes to look for in a vendor partner, before you buy 
          • Red and green flags to watch out for 
          • How to adjust processes and personnel to maximize your new partnership’s potential 
          • What to do to optimize your use of a new vendor’s software

A Match Made in Heaven - Or At Least the Cloud

Don’t settle for shallow flings with vendors. Avoid the inevitable bad breakups that leave you starting from scratch, swiping left on RFP submissions, desperately seeking that perfect match. When you know how to find the right partner, and become the right partner, you can live productively ever after.

Register now for Finding Your Soulmate in Business Communications, and you’ll never have to wonder if your vendor just isn’t that into you.

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