One of the most defining elements of our time is the widespread presence of mobile technology. As connective tools are bound to continue playing a pivotal role in both our professional and personal spheres, city councils too can leverage mobile applications to improve their public safety strategy.

Through trial and error, city councils around the world have realised their current infrastructure is not always equipped to handle extremely large gatherings, such as sports and music events. For this reason, many are now searching for tools specifically designed to enhance public safety personnel’s internal communication.

Leveraging Ad-hoc Mobile Applications for Secure and Efficient Communication

Modern safety threats require state-of-the-art technology to tackle any issue before it escalates. Large sports events featuring over 1 million participants can sometimes involve the presence of 10 or more government agencies. Having each of them run their individual communication systems can be chaotic at best and seriously get in the way of security operations at worst.

For this reason, public safety personnel such as first responders and police officers need to be provided with alternatives to those radios and basic mobile applications that fail to meet security and inter-agency standards.

Interoperability as a Key Element of Public Safety 

Public safety in social gatherings will often require quick thinking and instant communication. Leveraging platforms specifically designed to consolidate and streamline encrypted messaging between all parties can make or break the outcome of an emergency operation. 

Interoperability between different councils can be achieved through a cloud-based application delivering voice, text, images, and video services that are quickly accessible to authorised personnel across all departments.

Collaboration software is there to ensure all entities are always connected so that no resources are wasted in an emergency. 

As a global market leader in business communication, Mitel is committed to delivering only the best results. If you would like more information on the digital tools available to enhance public safety, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with our team here. 

Steve Comerford

UC Solutions Consultant

With over 20 years of business communications experience, Steve has supported organisations of all sizes, spanning an array of industries, globally. Through demystifying technology and focusing on delivering business outcomes, Steve continues to support customers and partners navigate through an ever-evolving cloud, UC, and CX market.

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