How Libro Credit Union Enhanced Member Experiences with Performance Monitoring

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Javier Garcia-Plata | October 04, 2023

In the fast-paced and highly regulated financial services industry, IT teams face several critical challenges regarding user performance monitoring. These challenges stem from the complex nature of financial institutions, which operate in dynamic and geographically dispersed environments and must ensure secure and reliable communication across various locations and user devices.

From maintaining seamless connectivity in hybrid work models to addressing scalability and capacity planning, ensuring compliance with stringent security requirements, and proactively resolving performance issues, IT teams in the financial services sector are tasked with optimizing user performance while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Hybrid Work Environments

With the increasing adoption of hybrid work models, employees connect to communications and collaboration solutions from various locations, including their homes, offices, and remote sites. This diversity in connectivity introduces complexities in monitoring and ensuring consistent user performance across different environments.


The dynamic nature of employees working from various locations and relying on mobile devices adds complexity to user performance monitoring. Ensuring secure and reliable communication across different devices and networks becomes crucial for maintaining seamless connectivity and delivering optimal performance.

Network Connectivity

Financial institutions often have multiple locations spread across different regions. Ensuring reliable network connectivity and optimal performance for all users, regardless of location, can be a significant challenge. IT teams need to monitor and address network issues that can impact user experience.

Scalability and Capacity Planning

Financial services organizations often experience fluctuations in call volumes and communication needs. IT teams must monitor system performance, analyze usage patterns, and effectively plan for capacity to accommodate peak demand periods. Scalability and capacity planning are crucial to ensure smooth operations and avoid performance bottlenecks.

Security and Compliance

The financial services industry has strict security and compliance requirements. IT teams must monitor for any security vulnerabilities or non-compliance issues promptly. Data privacy, secure communication, and adherence to industry regulations are paramount for financial institutions.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Identifying and resolving performance issues is critical to minimize disruptions and maintain productivity in financial services organizations. IT teams need robust monitoring tools and practices to proactively identify potential problems, analyze performance data, and take corrective actions before users are impacted.

Libro Credit Union's Communications and Collaboration Transformation

Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) provides financial services IT teams with the tools and insights to overcome these challenges. By leveraging advanced monitoring capabilities, IT teams can ensure seamless connectivity, optimize performance, address capacity needs, enhance security, and deliver a superior user experience across the organization.

Providing exceptional member experiences is critical to building trust, loyalty, and business growth in the competitive financial services landscape. Libro Credit Union recognized the importance of seamless communication and collaboration in serving its members effectively. By leveraging Mitel's innovative solutions, the credit union underwent a transformative journey that improved internal processes and enhanced member experiences.

Before implementing Mitel solutions, Libro Credit Union encountered several challenges that hindered effective communication and collaboration:

  • Legacy Systems: Outdated and disparate communication systems resulted in inefficiencies, limited scalability, and difficulty managing member interactions.
  • Limited Collaboration: Lack of seamless collaboration tools hampered internal teamwork and hindered the credit union's ability to provide personalized and efficient services to its members.
  • Member Experience: Inconsistent member experiences and long response times impacted member satisfaction, affecting the credit union's reputation and potential growth opportunities.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform, Libro Credit Union partnered with Mitel to overcome its challenges and transform its member experiences. The critical components of the Mitel solution were:

  • Mitel Cloud Solution: A robust cloud-based communications system that offered seamless voice, video, and chat capabilities, enabling effective internal communication and member engagement.
  • MiCollab: A collaboration platform that streamlined teamwork, providing features like file sharing, virtual meetings, and presence indicators, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.
  • Contact Center: An advanced solution that ensured efficient call routing, reduced wait times, and improved member interactions through intelligent routing and agent availability monitoring.

By implementing MPA, Libro Credit Union experienced four remarkable outcomes that positively impacted their operations and member experiences.

1. Improved Member Service

With enhanced collaboration tools and a more efficient contact center, the credit union delivered personalized and prompt member services, fostering stronger relationships and loyalty.

2. Streamlined Operations

The unified communications platform simplified internal processes, enabling employees to communicate seamlessly and access critical information, resulting in increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Mitel's cloud-based solutions provided the credit union scalability and flexibility, allowing them to easily accommodate growth, open new branches, and adapt to changing member needs.

4. Enhanced Member Experience

By leveraging advanced communication and collaboration tools, Libro Credit Union improved response times, reduced call wait times, and provided members with a seamless and personalized experience, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Libro Credit Union’s success story highlights the transformative power of Mitel's unified communications and collaboration solutions in the financial services industry. By addressing communication challenges and prioritizing member experiences, the credit union witnessed improved productivity, streamlined operations, and increased member satisfaction. As technology continues to shape the financial services landscape, organizations like Libro Credit Union can rely on innovative solutions to stay competitive, foster growth, and provide exceptional member experiences.

Ready to embark on your transformative journey toward enhanced communication and collaboration in the financial services sector? With MPA, quickly pinpoint and resolve user issues, ensuring seamless connectivity, optimal performance, and exceptional member experiences.

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Javier Garcia-PlataSenior Product Marketing Manager

Javier Garcia-Plata joined Mitel in 2022 as Senior Product Marketing Manager, bringing rich experience in customer strategy, business digitalization, and strategic new business development, leveraged in global companies including Canon, SunChemical, and Pearson. In his role as a product marketer, Javier helps to improve the experience of partners and users worldwide working with Mitel.

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