How To Best Deliver Critical Applications In Azure Cloud

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Mike Phillips | October 06, 2022

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has faced unprecedented challenges. Besides dealing with a sudden global epidemic that undoubtedly added pressure to all areas of an already precarious sector, international hospital facilities also face increased vulnerability to cyberattacks, more frequent disruptions to business continuity, and the lack of adequate communication tools.

For this reason, forward-thinking healthcare facilities rely on seamless collaboration tools such as Azure Cloud. These platforms allow hospitals to protect sensitive patient data better, enhance collaboration, and empower their staff to provide their patients with the highest possible standards of care.

Making The Best Of The Existing Azure Environment

A highly effective tool, Azure Cloud can perform even better when paired with streamlined solutions designed to enhance its performance. By leveraging a range of on-premise, cloud, or hybrid products, these collaboration platforms allow for seamless Azure migration. This improves critical applications (such as voice control) and increases the functionality of other collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams.

A simple subscription plan unlocks unlimited benefits at a reduced cost and minimal maintenance needs. Moreover, it provides users with a consolidated platform from which to deploy all applications flexible, scalable way, accelerating the overall cloud journey.

Taking Control Of Today While Preparing For Tomorrow

In the reasonably unpredictable environment of our days, one thing remains clear: the fast-tracking of technology in the healthcare sector is unlikely to slow down in the foreseeable future.

For this reason, while it is crucial to mitigate everyday challenges, preparing for the eventful times yet to come is also essential. This can be done by leveraging practical tools that easily integrate with an organisation’s existing infrastructure and enhance its collaboration strategy.

At Mitel, we are dedicated to empowering hospitals and other clinical facilities to make the best of the tools and deliver outstanding care to their patients.

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Mike PhillipsSenior UC Consultant

With nearly a decade of experience at Mitel, Mike Phillips focuses predominantly on new business. He articulates Mitel's cloud consumption models to a diverse range of industries and businesses stakeholders, helping them significantly reduce operating costs while preserving data governance and fulfilling new regulatory requirements.

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