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How Often Do You Replace Old Office Desk Phones?

By Marco
Much like smartphones, business phones continue to evolve rapidly. However, many companies still have phones dating back five or more years. To always be up-to-date – leveraging the latest and greatest phone features and capabilities on your desktop – consider Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).
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The Ideal Customer Workflow

By Affiliated Communications
While customer service has branched out to many different channels in recent years, phone calls remain a critical channel worth investing time and effort into. An effective call flow that takes response times, maximum hold times and the amount of available agents into account is the key to ensuring customers calling into your contact center have a positive experience.
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How To Configure Your Business Call Flow Schedules In Mitel Director

By Converged Technology Professionals
Call flow affects every customer that calls your business, yet it’s an often overlooked aspect of the customer experience. Properly routing calls is simple with Mitel Director, which allows for a schedule to be applied to hunt groups, work groups, auto attendant menus and more. Read on to learn how to optimize your call flow schedules with this helpful tool.
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