Mitel’s Hospitality Specialization recognizes the partners who invest in Mitel in both revenue and expertise. This allows hoteliers to select Mitel Partners who understand the hospitality industry and can improve guest service and minimize cost. The Specialization assesses partners against strict criteria each year. These elite partners work closely with Mitel’s own global hospitality team where industry and product knowledge are shared.

We are proud to recognize Cloud5 as a Hospitality Expert and our Hospitality Partner of the Year.

We are also thrilled to recognize 15 new Hospitality Advanced partners on our roster this year.  We appreciate all of them for their continued focus, growth, and collaboration.



Advanced Partners (* Indicates New to List in 2022):

12 Points Consulting Corp.

Active Telephone, Inc.

Allbridge, LLC

Allstream Business US, LLC

Bestcomm Networks, Inc.

Blueport, Inc.*

BSB Communications, Inc.*

CNP Technologies, LLC*


DVS Technologies, LLC

Electronic Communications

EOH Enterprises, LLC

Huntel Communications, Inc.*

Intech Systems of Tallahassee, Inc.

Interconnect Systems, Inc.*

IPC Technologies*

Lumen Technologies Service Group*

Marco Technologies, LLC*

Network Center Communications*

Norcom Communications Solutions

Norstan Communications, Inc.*

Orlando Business Telephone Systems*

Pathcom, Inc.

Peterson Communications Group, Inc.

Pinnacle Communications Corp.

Protel Communications, Inc.

Redcell Technologies, Inc.*

Redwood Systems Group, LLC

Safety Netaccess, Inc.

TRI-TEC Communications, Inc.

TSAChoice, Inc.

Vertical Communications*

Vista Communications, Inc.*

Windstream Supply, LLC

Ashley Williams

General Manager, Hospitality

Ashley Williams has 11 years of experience selling in the Hospitality vertical at Mitel. Her focus on Hospitality Americas Sales empowers her to support Channel Partners and engage with consultants and the Major Flags to ensure Mitel’s Hospitality solutions continue to deliver applications that customers need to provide their guests with the ultimate guest experience.

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