On Tuesday 8th January 2013, Ofcom, the regulatory authority for the UK’s communications industries, published its annual Consumer Experience 2012 report. The report, which includes comprehensive consumer research and industry data, covers everything from mobile and broadband, to the choices available to consumers, consumer interest in services and how they buy them.

The report highlights some interesting figures regarding changing working practices and mirrored the trends explored in our Work 3.0 whitepaper. Data reveals an increased reliance on digital services as traditional means of communication start to decline. The use of email was up by 17% while using post has fallen by 30%.

Interestingly fixed-line calls have only decreased by 4%. This figure, coupled with the 14% increase in mobile voice, shows the continued importance of voice communications in the market.

Ofcom’s findings reflect the rapidly evolving world of business and personal communication and the increasing demands for new technologies as these two traditionally separate areas of life converge.

Mitel has been following the workforce drivers behind consumerisation of IT for a number of years. In 2011 a Mitel survey found that 67% of people were already using at least one of their own devices for work and in 2012, further Mitel research demonstrated the demand for more flexible working practices away from the traditional office environments. This is especially important as the younger, tech-savvy generation continues to enter the workplace, bringing with them an array of personal devices and new expectations about what communication means for them.

In a recent article in CloudPro, for example, we highlighted the changes taking place in the world of work, and the fact that work is fast becoming an activity and not a location. The potential of the cloud means that all communication applications could be accessed from anywhere, on any device.

All of these emerging trends are reinforced by Ofcom’s findings that reveal consumers expect to see new forms of communicating increase over the next two years. It’s an exciting time to watch the next generation of working unfold.

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