Making a connection should be easy - you shouldn’t need to realise you’re even doing it.  But you’d be amazed at the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into making the effortless, that effortless.  That’s the beauty of communications technology that works.  Just be confident that, whatever in-the-cloud or on-premises technology is making these complex things so easy, you are never let down.

A cool idea, and some webscale technology, is all a freshly baked upstart needs to put their new communications application out there.  Hence the app revolution of the last five years has had a humbling effect on the world’s big technology businesses.  It’s put them on their toes.

Regardless of whether anyone other than personal users would entertain running their compliant, mission-critical communications on a £0.99 download, this is still good news for businesses.  That’s because we all benefit when the biggest communications technology outfits like Mitel are compelled to exert their innovation, rather than just their size, to keep ahead and stay relevant to the needs of SMB and enterprise customers.  It means supremely clever, world-class solutions that are always better at fixing the challenges of business.

Did you know that Mitel powers more than two billion connections per day?  Two billion!?  That’s an awful lot of effortlessness (certainly a good deal more than saying the word “effortlessness”).  In fact there’s probably a lot you don’t know about the fastest growing business communications provider in the world. Find more surprises in store here, like how more than 60 million business users in over 100 countries rely on Mitel every day.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then download a whitepaper from industry analysts TalkingPointz. This free whitepaper, written by an experienced and independent analyst at UC Strategies and Wainhouse Research with a background in Fortune 500 companies, explains the most important factors to consider when planning your communications solutions. 

Colin Mann | 4 June 2015

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