The Best Hospitality Communication System For Customers

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Steve Comerford | November 10, 2022

In a fiercely competitive environment such as the hospitality and travel sector, exceeding customer expectations has become one of the top priorities for hoteliers worldwide. As technology remains integral to everyone’s daily life, modern travellers are habitually researching their destinations extensively before committing to a trip. This includes reading previous guest reviews and weighing the pros and cons of every hotel option in their areas of interest.

As the average audience becomes more selective, businesses in the tourism sector can take steps to provide their clients with an excellent and memorable stay. This process often starts with improving hospitality communication efficiency

Engagement and Personalisation: Two Core Elements of Hospitality Communication

“Personalisation” is one of today’s most popular buzzwords, and for a good reason. By incorporating small gestures such as keeping guest names and preferences in mind, hotels can dramatically improve customer experience

Moreover, solutions such as hospitality management and contact centre routing can provide guests with timely service and their desired level of privacy. Thanks to real-time messaging and the possibility to integrate relevant applications with the customer’s device of choice, guests are offered better opportunities for engagement leading to improved product promotion and brand positioning. 

By providing guests with a well-rounded and positive experience from booking to check-out, hotel businesses can help grow the number of returning customers, referrals, and positive online reviews. This translates to business growth and improved ROI.

Customer Satisfaction Begins with Seamless Communication

Excellent customer service can only be achieved by leveraging the latest communication technology. At Mitel, we are experts in providing hotel businesses with the best tools to boost collaboration. From solutions designed to improve management to customer service contact centres, we have the product for you, whatever your business objective.

If you want to brainstorm strategies to increase your revenues through personalised and heightened customer experience, do not hesitate to get in touch today

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