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Customer experience and business success are inextricably linked; if the customer experience is seamless and personalized, increased revenues will naturally follow. The key is to optimize a contact center around the customer experience, not the other way around – offering a single holistic journey rather than a series of individual, unconnected interactions. To accomplish this, consider the following approach:

Don’t overthink the problem

Focus on what makes a customer experience satisfying. Ask, “What is important when dealing with a brand?” and use that to make your company’s customer experience a personalized and memorable one.

Listen to the voice of the customer

Listen to your employees; they know if your customers are happy and what works. Listen to what’s going on with your social media interactions and turn that into valuable customer information for your employees. Then combine this intelligence with speech analytics and silent monitoring to capture the voice of the customer.

Put data at the center of everything

Don’t just leave it in your CRM; make it intelligent. Bring your data together in one place and make it actionable across all channels. Data should be four things: contextual, suggestive, pre-emptive and predictive.  With this, employees have the right information at the right time to go beyond basic reactive inquiry handling and start anticipating customers’ needs, from the channels they prefer to the products they might buy.

Make a difference with WFM

Once you’ve established a customer-first culture, use Workforce Management (WFM) to build customer loyalty and realize demonstrable business benefits such as the following:

Differentiate with omnichannel
Choosing the preferred method of communication for customers of different generations is crucial. All modern consumers want a consistent and satisfying experience whatever the device or communications channel. Use a WFM solution with omnichannel capabilities to allow employees to switch between channels as required.

Automation is the way to go
Put intelligence at the front end of customer self-service and leverage machine learning to solve simple interactions, leaving employees with time to devote to more complex or sensitive issues. With optimized WFM processes and machine learning technology in place, the typical medium-sized contact center with 100 agents, sickness rates of 6% and an annual attrition rate of 23% can expect to save 200 hours a month and experience a 4% reduction in sickness and attrition rates year-on-year, creating a much more profitable contact center.

Collaborative customer care
Aim to build a tightly integrated technology ecosystem that unifies different systems. That way, employees can quickly locate subject matter experts and work with knowledge workers across the business to drive effective, satisfying customer interactions.

Take a step back, put yourself in your customers’ shoes, then deploy the latest WFM technology to elevate your contact center, improve the customer experience and build loyalty. By optimizing the contact center around the customer’s experience in these ways, your communications systems will be focused in the right direction. In return, customers are more likely to respond to your extra attention to detail by increasing their business. It’s a profitable gain in return for some key adjustments to your contact center.

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