Ultimate Guide to Building Better Meetings

Isabella Abreu Stubbs | December 21, 2022

Online meetings pose challenges that in-person meetings do not. Meetings today must be engaging and productive. Remote and hybrid workers deal with many distractions, so how can we keep everyone’s attention? Our Build Better Meetings series is a one-stop shop so you can quickly level up your next meeting.

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1. Four Types of Meetings to Avoid in 2022

Hybrid work certainly changed how we meet, and since this work model is not going away, we’re bound to encounter a meeting faux pas here and there. We share four types of meeting no-nos and how to fix them.

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2. Why Your Meetings Should Be More Like Power Naps

Remote work sometimes means lots of meetings, so why not bring some energy? Here are the best ways to give your meetings life because there is nothing worse than leaving a meeting you felt wasted your energy and time.

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3. Pro Tips - Do’s and Don’ts for Hosting Large Meetings

Hosting a large meeting can present several challenges, but it’s nothing the right communications technology and know-how can fix. Check out the best practices on what to do and what to avoid when hosting a large meeting.

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4. Transform Your Hybrid Meetings with the Right Tech Partner

It’s not a surprise that a positive employee experience can be a challenge for hybrid and remote workers. The right unified communication solution and the right tech partner can help solve those issues.

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