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Over the past few years, the role of mobile technologies within aged care underwent an unprecedented expansion. Whether in-home or at long-term care facilities, senior citizens around the world are bridging the isolation gap by connecting with their dear ones over mobile devices. More importantly, connective technology plays an exponential role in improving not only the standards of care but the quality of life of seniors. 

As roughly 8.5% of the world’s population is 65 or older, the use of mobile technology in eldercare is projected to continue to grow steadily in the foreseeable future. When we think of what areas of aged care can most benefit from these cut-edge technologies, security comes to mind. 

How Seniors Can Leverage Mobile Technology to Tackle Security Risks

When it comes to looking after one of our most vulnerable demographics, ensuring security is paramount. Along with greater exposure to potential injuries, elderly patients are often the target of burglary and fraud. Luckily, state-of-the-art mobile technology is there to help the patients’ and their families’ peace of mind. 

Aged care solutions can facilitate access control through key cards or mobile apps, reducing the potential for malicious individuals to access the patient’s place of residence. These versatile security tools can be leveraged for in-home care as well as used in care facilities.

Patients living at home can also benefit from the use of personal alarms connected through transmitters, mobile apps, or bands. These devices are designed to allow the patient to easily alert the care centre in case of a fall or injury - eliminating the risk of delayed or missed help in an emergency. 

Improving Communication to Foster Connectedness and Safety

Whilst ensuring placement of physical security is of the utmost importance, instilling a sense of safety and peace of mind in elderly patients is also crucial. Comprehensive eldercare solutions can be leveraged to consolidate all messaging both on-premises and in the cloud. This way, responsible parties working both on and off the ground can easily communicate with one another and their patients. 

As a result, patients can rest assured somebody is always on call and ready to answer their questions or provide help. 

Whether in-home or within professional healthcare facilities, elderly patients are entitled to the best levels of care. Mitel is committed to providing the most efficient mobile technologies for aged care, from connecting patients to their loved ones and their health providers to ensuring personal safety. 

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Mike Phillips

Senior UC Consultant

With nearly a decade of experience at Mitel, Mike Phillips focuses predominantly on new business. He articulates Mitel's cloud consumption models to a diverse range of industries and businesses stakeholders, helping them significantly reduce operating costs while preserving data governance and fulfilling new regulatory requirements.

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