Visns Studio Revolutionizes Communications in Hazardous Environments Using Mitel CloudLink

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Swapan Nandi | April 03, 2023

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient communication is crucial for success. We recognize the importance of seamless communication and our partners’ roles in making these communications happen. I am delighted to highlight a unique solution developed by Visns Studio that leveraged Mitel's CloudLink APIs and the Mitel Developer Program.

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To refresh, CloudLink is a cloud-based application development and integration platform which allows the extension of Mitel telephony, collaboration, and contact center applications with cloud services. CloudLink gateways for MiVoice Business, MiVoice MX-ONE, MiVoice 5000, and MiVoice Office 400 communication platforms provide two fundamental benefits: 1) to make it easy for Mitel customers to connect and access Mitel-built CloudLink apps and services and 2) to leverage an open API ecosystem for developers to build custom apps and integrations as I’ve discussed previously.

Mitel’s global partner network includes businesses with significant application development expertise. Mitel launched the Mitel Developer Program to support application developers in building custom applications by leveraging CloudLink APIs accessible from the Mitel Developer Portal. Mitel partners have been busy identifying new application opportunities and developing software. I’d like to spotlight one of the innovative solutions created.

Communications Made Easy (and Safely) in Hazardous Situations

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the daily uniform for employees working in potentially hazardous environments. In performing their duties, these employees need to communicate with others over the phone. Unfortunately, PPE can make it very difficult to participate in a phone call. Removing PPE, however, is usually not an option: it takes time and creates safety risks.

Visns Studio out of Australia is a member of the Mitel Developer Program and specializes in developing custom CRM and software solutions and tailored voice solutions for clients. In 2022, the Managing Director of Visns Studio, Dean Blount, was approached by a Mitel partner to help a funeral home client make communication easier for employees wearing PPE by enabling speech-activated phone access. The client was utilizing Mitel 6900 Series IP phones. The goal was to ensure employees could answer, hear, and make phone calls without removing their PPE.

Using Mitel APIs, Visns Studio designed a specialized integration to allow the client’s employees to activate their phones using a voice-activated smart speaker.

Designing and testing the application was accomplished in very little time. For the team at Visns Studio, Mitel’s CloudLink APIs were the “holy grail” for developing their custom integration. With readily available documentation, clearly defined APIs, and timely responses from Mitel, Visns Studio developed a foolproof concept in just a week. Through the CloudLink platform, they tested and deployed their solution seamlessly.

"Having the Mitel Developer Program, the sky’s the limit with possible integrations." - Dean Blount, Managing Director of Visns Studio

The client’s employees can safely place, answer, and hang up calls through their voice-activated smart speakers without removing their protective gear. Ultimately, the client plans to expand the use of the solution across other departments to allow everyone in the company to have the convenience of managing their Mitel phones using speech commands.

Expanding Integration Solutions to a Range of Industries

Visns Studio believes that this same solution has the potential to facilitate communications and improve safety in a range of other industries where PPE must be worn — such as in the medical field, scientific laboratories, and manufacturing. They are also assessing other opportunities to embed integrations with high-tech phone system deployments to meet the needs of different industries and types of workers. With the capability to experiment easily with app concepts, Visns Studio is using the Mitel Developer Program’s open APIs to build and test solutions for various communications requirements.

Submit Your Ideas to the Mitel Developer Portal

Communications are the glue that connects employees, partners, and customers in virtually every business. The better a company communicates, the better it operates. With its open ecosystem, the Mitel Developer Program is designed to facilitate the delivery of innovations that streamline and enrich communications processes. If you’re a Mitel partner with an idea, it’s easy to start. Check out the Mitel Developer Portal, and you’ll be in motion!

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Swapan Nandi Senior Director Next Gen Products at Mitel

Swapan has a strong track record of successful private, public, and hybrid Cloud product introductions for enterprise, wireless, and wireline markets. He has managed globally distributed product development teams, as well as having defined and executed global product and go-to-market strategy. More recently, Swapan has been focused on the digital transformation of customer engagement, launching and growing an API-based ecosystem, and applying AI/ML technologies to the enterprise communications domain. Swapan has held senior positions in various telecom enterprises. He brings with him years of experience in SaaS/CPaaS applications, enterprise communications, WebRTC, IMS, 4G/LTE wireless, VoIP and IP Service Assurance products.

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