What is the Right Communications Deployment Approach for Hospitality?

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Steve Comerford | October 14, 2022

Over the past few years, the hospitality sector has revolutionised its business. As audiences continue raising their standards for customer care and external circumstances call for increased health and safety measures, hoteliers globally are investigating new communication deployment approaches.

Rather than getting rid of their current infrastructure and developing a new one from scratch, hospitality businesses are deploying integrated and scalable solutions that seamlessly adapt to and build upon the existing hotel facilities’ IT environment.

An Intuitive and Effective Communications Deployment Approach

Innovative cloud-based solutions are designed to consolidate all hospitality functions into one application. This way, both the staff and guests can enjoy a user-friendly, consistent experience.

Moreover, newer communication deployment approaches enhance personalisation whilst also facilitating the creation of content and promotions to attract new prospects and increase loyalty. All these perks are offered on top of the improved security and data protection that comes with leveraging private cloud solutions.

Collaborate Across Locations and Systems Seamlessly

When considering the implementation of newer communication technology, decision-makers in the hospitality industry can sometimes worry about the time and cost involved with training their staff to use a brand-new system.

Luckily, upgrading communication solutions does not mean doing away with existing collaboration tools. Linking enterprise telephony solutions helps users get more out of their current Microsoft Teams functions. This, in turn, allows teams to remain productive throughout the transition process.

The times are changing fast, and remaining on top of ever-transforming trends and customer expectations will continue to be one of the biggest challenges in the hospitality industry. Modern collaboration tools can help hoteliers keep up with the latest trends whilst also providing a pleasant and productive environment for their employees. Swift communication between staff members and hotel guests also results in returning customers and increased revenue.

Products like Mitel’s Mass Notification solutions enable reliable mass communication across a wide range of channels and devices so that everyone can be kept safe, informed, and connected during critical situations – regardless of location. It enables you to respond quickly when a crisis occurs and provides real-time and historical reports of notification delivery and confirmation, improving visibility into your emergency response effectiveness. Broadcast notifications are provided across a wide range of devices which is particularly important for mobile staff.

Another excellent hospitality solution is the InAttend product. InAttend offers a broad range of integrated functions for achieving high-quality attendant performance, particularly during periods of high-volume traffic. Providing the necessary tools for attendants and receptionists to perform efficiently.

At Mitel, we specialise in designing and offering quality scalable communication tools for hotel businesses of all sizes. We proudly power over two billion business connections with our public and private cloud worldwide.

Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation today if you want to strategise new ways to upgrade your current communications deployment approach.

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