The choice to go private cloud is typically made after a lot of research and consideration. The modern workforce is more mobile and unified communications hosted in the cloud provides teams with fast access to applications and shared documents. But before embracing any private cloud solution, IT teams need to be certain that the platform they implement will meet high standards for security, reliability and scalability.

Knowing this, Mitel has recently launched our private cloud solution, MiCloud Flex, on the Google Cloud platform. Partnering with Google brings a number of benefits that help complement the MiCloud Flex offering. As the leading cloud network, Google Cloud offers security, reliability, speed, innovation and geographic reach that complete our private cloud, unified communications and collaboration solution.

Wondering why Google Cloud works best? Here are our top five reasons and why we’re sure they’ll benefit you:

1. Multi-Layered Infrastructure Security

Security is a top concern for any company going to the cloud. Those who choose private cloud are looking for additional security safeguards. Serving over one billion end users each day across seven cloud products, Google is committed to protecting information, identities, applications and devices. Built on Google Cloud, MiCloud Flex is protected by the same secure-by-design infrastructure, global network and built-in safeguards that will mitigate the most challenging security scenarios.

With the assurance of the Google brand, Google Cloud also meets the most rigorous privacy and compliance standards that test for data safety, privacy, and security. Even the data centers are built to satisfy the most stringent security standards, with full certifications to meet SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance. The solution is deployed in a dedicated and secure single instance environment through Google's cloud access with private and secure network links, so you’ll always have the safety and control necessary for your most valuable data.

2. Reliable Infrastructure

Google's cloud infrastructure is a future-proof technology monitored and modified by more than 700 top experts in information, application, and network security. This is the same technology that powers billions of search results in milliseconds and serves over six billion hours of YouTube video per month.

MiCloud Flex uses the Google Cloud brand of technology to work across secure, Tier 3+ high availability data centers with optional additional security measures including full encryption. Information and voice calls are delivered through the public Internet using voice over Internet protocols (VoIP), meaning users stay connected anywhere and everywhere – in the office, on the road, or working from home.

For this reason, you can be assured that communications will never go down because of a single network outage or hardware failure; MiCloud Flex features a high-availability deployment or available geo-redundancy for enhanced disaster recovery.

3. Speedy Provision

When you need information quickly, Google leads in speed and availability. Google Cloud has a 99.999% service level agreement (SLA), the highest standard for monthly uptime provided to users. Intensely monitored data centers and large dedicated data pipelines ensure low latency and almost zero downtime across Google Cloud products.

Additionally, Google Cloud is considered a top performer across most tests, benchmarks, and categories for performance and scalability that stress CPU, memory, disk, and networking resources in the cloud. MiCloud Flex's fully managed, serverless offerings eliminate operational complexity, making Google Cloud easier to adopt and use.

4. Continuous Innovation

Leading the pack of big technology players across the globe, Google is at the forefront of research for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT), all while maintaining and improving its host of industry-leading products across the cloud.

MiCloud Flex Contact Center leverages Google AI capability that integrates multiple tools and resources seamlessly to generate deep insights into data and performance. With serverless data analytics and a machine learning platform guaranteed by Google Cloud, our contact center platform can turn your data into actionable insights with increased efficiency, simplicity and mobility, making for innovation within and without your organization.

5. Geographic Reach

Staying connected across the globe is no problem for the robust number of Google Cloud data centers developed, maintained, and expanded by Google annually. Mitel has carefully selected a subset of these centers focused on delivering MiCloud Flex based in specific country rollouts, including 20 regions, 61 zones, and 134 network edge locations, with more on the way in the future. With an extensive, resilient network of data centers, deployments and interconnectivity for international customers is not a problem for the leading cloud communication and collaboration solution.

Mitel + Google Cloud = MiCloud Flex

MiCloud Flex represents the best of two leaders and innovators in business technology. By working together, Mitel and Google can offer businesses across the globe a complete, reliable private cloud unified communication and collaboration solution. Your employees will work smarter and more efficiently no matter where they are, and your IT team will be confident that all communications are secure, reliable and adaptable to every business need.

Want to learn more? Go to the MiCloud Flex landing page or talk to your Mitel rep.

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