The other day I was thinking about the phrase “just in case.” If you’re like me, you’ve bought things just in case you’ll need them should a certain situation arise. Like that extra battery for your camera, that small sewing kit you carry in the corner of your luggage, or the jack, spare tire and first aid kid in the trunk of your car. You have these things just in case. If something happens, you’ll be ready. And it makes you feel good to know that you have them, should the need arise — just in case.

Software assurance for your business communications system is a lot like all those things. You buy it so you’ll be ready just in case something happens. Once you have it, you can stay current with software updates and security fixes, maintain compliance with ongoing changes in standards and ensure your business is always ready to take advantage of all the benefits of ongoing technology innovation. But unlike all those other things you buy just in case, you have to use your software assurance to protect and enhance the long-term value of your communication system. By using it for ongoing tune-ups, you get the peace of mind you need knowing that your system is ready for anything and everything.



As noted in an earlier blog, the days of running a business with outdated communication tools are over. Your communications system is your sales and customer service enabler. Every day, your employees rely on the system to drive the continued growth of your business.

Unfortunately, technology is changing faster than ever. As systems age, they need to be updated or tuned up to keep pace with technological changes. If they are not current, they quickly become less relevant to your business. Your employees won’t be able to compete if your systems don’t provide the advanced tools that enable them to connect with colleagues, customers and partners remotely, conduct virtual meetings online, share documents and collaborate in real time. And you’ll spend more time worrying about your systems and how to improve them, rather than managing your business.

That’s why using the software assurance option you chose when you first bought your system is probably just as important as ensuring your employees have the communications tools they need. With software assurance, you have a guaranteed program that makes it easy for you to keep your system current and relevant. Through the program’s ongoing tune-up process, you have access to the technology updates that allow your system to deliver the advanced communication and collaboration tools your employees need to compete. As the underlying technology evolves and new features are made available, you have an easy way to integrate those enhancements into your business processes at no additional cost. And when your business strategy calls for an upgrade, you can take that next step easily because you will have kept up with technology evolution and you’ll have all the resources you need to make a smooth transition to whichever solution you choose next.



Meanwhile, until the day when you are ready to upgrade, your software assurance program makes it easier to protect your investment from ever-evolving security threats.

As an outward-facing communication network, your system is a prime target for cybercriminals looking to exploit any vulnerability. Typically, these bad actors look for the easiest way into a system or network. Outdated security programs and protection systems offer the least resistance and make it easier for criminals to get to sensitive data.

Your software assurance program reduces that risk. It provides access to regular system updates that address vulnerabilities so you can eliminate them, just in case your system gets the attention of a cybercriminal. By applying the updates and upgrades provided by the manufacturer, you can close any open doors. Security flaws can be patched, minor software glitches can be removed and security holes can be eliminated. Working with your technology partner, you can maintain that extra layer of protection your business needs to avoid the damage to your business reputation and your bottom line that can be caused by a breach.



If you’re a Mitel MiVoice Business customer then your software assurance program is designed to take the guesswork out of ongoing technology tune-ups. In addition to providing access to the latest capabilities that are designed to enhance the ways employees connect with others, Mitel Software Assurance enables your organization to also benefit from software concurrency, ongoing standards compliance, security fixes, access to online training and proactive performance monitoring of your Mitel systems. It’s the ultimate just-in-case package that makes it easier to prepare for any potential situations in advance, rather than responding to them after they happen.

What’s more, Mitel Software Assurance was designed to complement your Mitel authorized provider’s service offers. That means there’s really no reason for your business to be operating with a system that is two or three updates behind. A simple phone call can provide the peace of mind and security that comes with staying current with the latest functionality and innovations offered for your Mitel system — at no cost to you.



Think of it this way, you bought your software assurance program to be ready just in case something happens. But if you aren’t using the program for ongoing tune-ups, are you really prepared? Probably not, because your business isn’t getting all the benefits of that just-in-case purchase. Using your software assurance to keep your communication system tuned and prepared for the latest technology is the ideal way to invest in your current operation and your evolution to wherever your business takes you.


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