What Is Calendar Synchronization?


Calendar synchronization is a function that can bring the combined calendar data of your team into a single, shared calendar. A synchronized shared calendar takes much of the administrative hassle out of organizing team meetings and equips your team with an up-to-date view of colleague and manager availability.


How Does Calendar Synchronization Work?


As team composition and information flows grow in complexity, many companies face the challenge of finding ways to make team collaboration more efficient. A significant factor here is managing time. Using a synchronized calendar, your whole team — or departments and units within it — can instantly see pre-existing time commitments by day, week, month, or year. The software is sophisticated enough to allow users to perform advanced queries on calendar data, including:

  • Filtering for times that every group member is available.
  • Giving meeting participants the option to choose from a range of available time slots.
  • Integration with email and chat platforms to improve the flow of time-bound data across your whole business.


Benefits of Calendar Synchronization


A synchronized calendar delivers these overlapping benefits to your business. Better collaboration: Spread across regions and even timezones, teams are more complex than ever before. A synchronized calendar can simplify the collaborative process.

  • Improved productivity: Finding the right time slot for a meeting can be burdensome and time-consuming. A shared calendar view can eliminate much of this needless busywork. 
  • Heightened responsiveness and resilience to change: A synchronized calendar better positions your company to swiftly respond to customers and clients. Being on top of time management makes your company a lot more agile, and that improves your bottom line.


Types of Companies That Should Use Calendar Synchronization


Any company that is spread out geographically –especially if those regions span multiple time zones – can realize significant benefits from a synchronized calendar. The feature is particularly powerful for leaner businesses that have fewer administrative staff to handle time management across teams.

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