What Is An ERP Integration?


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration is a cloud-based tool to aggregate and harness business data in real-time. ERP platforms pull in data from a wide range of business operations across the company. Those processes may include HR, client relationship management, or supply chain management.


How Do ERP Integrations Work?


Different corporate functions generate large quantities of data. That data is often siloed in different locations and in different formats. ERP platforms centralize that information in a single cloud database that can then be integrated with phone systems to make that data accessible to employees.


Types Of Companies That Benefit From ERP Integration


Oil & Energy Exploration: Oil companies operate large networks of rigs and refineries. Managing those assets depends on a consistent stream of data accessible to a distributed workforce. ERP integration helps employees manage those assets from any location.

Retailers: Call centers need to manage a heavy volume of inbound calls, especially during holidays. Agents need to store and share caller information without losing productivity. ERP integration ensures agents have the right information before every call.

Ecommerce: Ecommerce firms manage a complex network of sales channels and fulfillment centers. They require effective collaboration to ensure virtual sales are promptly filled and delivered. ERP integration helps managers operate a virtual business without interruption.


Advantages Of ERP Integrations


ERP integration reduces manual labor and increases efficiency. It allows any employee to access and share critical business information at the moment they need it. ERP integration helps break down silos and ensure your business gets the most value out of its data. Unlock your data by integrating your ERP platform with your phone system. Call center agents can rapidly access customer information. Sales teams can quickly see the last contact with a prospect. ERP integration ensures your employees collaborate and share the wealth of information your company has collected.

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