What Are Participant Access Codes?


Participant access codes allow people provided with the information to access a specific conference call. They are typically four to seven digits and may be used for either ad-hoc or moderated conference calls. If the phone number you use to join a conference call were a meeting room, then the participant code is the key to unlocking the door to that room.


Who Needs a Participant Access Code?


When you set up a conference call as a host, the conference calling service will generate a participant access code, which you need to provide to anyone you invite to the meeting. Any participant who wants to join a conference call will need to have the correct participant access code in order to enter the "conference room" and participate in the meeting.


Benefits & Advantages of Participant Access Codes


Participant access codes are a key security feature that prevents unauthorized persons from accessing a conference call. Some conference calling services also allow the host to set up a unique access code for each caller to augment security. The host can identify who has called in, when they did so, and other activities associated with the call.


How to Use a Participant Access Code


When you host a conference call, you need to set up the meeting in your phone system. Then, provide the conference call number and the participant access code to anyone you invite to the meeting so they can access the call. To join a conference call as a participant, dial the number provided by the host. You'll then be prompted to enter the participant access code to connect to the conferencing service. Some advanced features may allow users who are using a mobile device to dial directly into the conference call without requiring the participant to enter the access code, creating a streamlined user experience.

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