TIPS - The Interlocal Purchasing System

Contract Number: 1071615 (CLOUD Contract)

Contract Verification Link:

Contract Term: 07/16/2015 – 7/16/2018 

Contract Eligibility:

K-12 school districts, Charter Schools, Private Schools/Daycare Centers, Colleges and Universities (State and Private), Cities/Municipalities, Counties/Parishes, Churches, Charitable Organizations, State Agencies

How to become a member:

The process is fast, and it’s free. It is, however, specific to your home state.  Membership instructions and documents:

Order Process:

Awarded Vendor MUST direct TIPS members to email all PO's to [email protected]. TIPS office will validate purchase orders and forward to you as the Awarded Vendor for processing. Member will receive an email confirmation of the PO approval and a link to print a letter of authorization  for their files

*Only items included in TIPS pricing catalog are eligible.

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