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As BPI expanded operations to new warehouses, its telecommunication needs became more complex, and its on-premise equipment needed to be updated. Their existing system required a switch at each location for voicemail and was based on an old system using multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and a primary rate interface (PRI).



Although the BPI IT team initially searched nationwide for a cloud-based communications system, they quickly realized their locations were best suited for a modern on-premise solution. They prioritized ease of installation, cost reduction, and customer service when looking for a new partner.



After interviewing 15 telecommunications providers about their on-premise solutions, BPI selected Mitel MiVoice Business. The system went live in a short amount of time, with a quick setup and easy imports. Employees could quickly learn the new system thanks to Mitel’s training videos. Documentation allowed BPI’s IT team to create helpful reference guides to make the transition even easier.

The reduction in on-site equipment delivered significant savings for BPI. So did the switch to a session initiation protocol (SIP) solution, which was more reliable and cost-effective than their old PRI system. SIP delivers flexibility and scalability, so BPI can quickly meet demand without additional hardware.

Cas Rangel, Chief Information Officer, oversaw the switch to MiVoice Business. He credits Mitel and Kidwell Inc. for successfully transitioning to their new system. Mitel and Kidwell Inc. experts guided BPI through the transition process, helping smooth any bumps during installation with prompt answers and fixes.

As a four-year member of the Mitel User Group (MUG), a two-year member of the MUG Board, and current Vice President, Rangel has expanded his industry knowledge through networking, education, and glimpses into Mitel’s future offerings.

"The experience of all the members is so vast,” said Rangel. “Being able to collaborate with such a knowledgeable group is amazing."

Innovation by Mitel has made them the clear leader in the industry. After an around-the-world tour of current offerings, the clear choice for our telephone business was Mitel.

- Cas Rangel, Chief Information Officer BPI and MUG Vice President

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