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Central Technology Services

Central Technology Services is committed to providing customers with quality financial solutions and exceptional customer service. They have grown to include 13 affiliated banks at 140 locations across four states; however, such widespread operations can make collaboration difficult.

“We’ve got four sites – soon to be five – where we’ve set up dedicated video conferencing systems,” says Rick DeClerk, Manager of Network Communications. “Our main purpose is to reduce travel for high-level executive meetings, board meetings and other events where we’ve had expensive and time-consuming travel requirements in the past.” 

DeClerk, who is always looking for better and more cost-effective ways to meet the Bank’s technology needs, recently enhanced those collaboration capabilities by becoming an early adopter of a device called Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point. UC360 will augment the Bank’s meeting-room multimedia capabilities by bringing those same capabilities right to the personal office meeting space, where they can be expected to foster more spontaneous collaboration among the Bank’s executives. 

    • Provide executives at the banks’ widespread locations with the ability to engage in natural and spontaneous multimedia collaboration that boosts productivity and helps better serve customers
    • Reduced travel costs. Multimedia collaboration with UC360 will reduce the need for executives to travel to meetings.

    • More spontaneous collaboration. Moving forward, multimedia collaboration will become a spontaneous and natural part of the work day at CTS, taking place in the personal office meeting space exactly when it is needed.

    • Cost-effective collaboration. UC360 will provide rich, multimedia collaboration at a fraction the cost of traditional multimedia solutions.


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