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Cherry Creek Mortgage Company

Cherry Creek is a privately owned and operated mortgage banking company. A unified communications platform is significant to the business because a tremendous amount of collaboration must take place for every mortgage the company handles. Calls and documents flow every day between the sales agents on the field.

Continuous downtime and constant dropped calls due to insufficient connection led Cherry Creek to search of a more reliable and one-stop solution with multiple functionalities (phones, messages, video conferencing). For Dale Moxon, VP of Facilities, reliability, and customer support are the key requirements for any communication solution that he brings to the company. When deciding which out of the 3 UCaaS provider options he researched, he selected RingCentral. 

“When I compared the feature sets, I could see that with RingCentral, I would get the most functionality for the price", says Moxon.

  •  Install a communication solution that can consolidate multiple features into a single platform.
  • Bring in a UCaaS provider that’s more reliable and can offer instant customer support.
  • The company deployed RingCentral Office and RingCentral Meetings at the corporate office and is rolling out to additional offices as well.
  • Best in class customer support.
  • In addition, the company bought other solutions such as RingCentral Phone and Jungo Integration.

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