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Initially erected in 1990, the hotel underwent a monumental transformation in 2019, involving an extensive $22 million renovation. Another milestone was the hotel acquisition by Pinnacle Hotel Management, which closed in December 2017. This comprehensive overhaul encompassed internal and external aspects, including upgrading their 18-year-old, outdated phone system. The timing of the renovation was opportune, coinciding perfectly with the requirement for a modernized communication infrastructure.


Among the potential phone system contenders, Mitel partner IPC, who specializes in Hospitality, developed a proposal aligning with the hotel's needs. Mitel’s MiVoice Business solution featured the necessary functionalities and the capacity to integrate with the existing Marriott systems infrastructure seamlessly. The solution presented by IPC was not just tailored for the present but also versatile enough to grow, adapt, and evolve alongside the hotel. Additionally, this partnership brought cost-effectiveness, thanks to Mitel's migration path explicitly designed for the hospitality industry.


Marriott Palm Beach Gardens reaped numerous benefits from its updated communication solution. Customer service operations witnessed an upsurge in efficiency, with faster processing of customer inquiries. Implementing flexible headsets that integrate with Marriott’s systems streamlined administrative tasks. A new set of PBX consoles, both front-of-house and in the back, seamlessly integrated traditional and wireless headsets with minimal training. 

The hotel opted for Mitel’s 6900 IP Phones for the guest rooms. The phones boasted sleek design, dependable wireless connectivity, and excellent voice quality, crucial to enhancing the guest and staff experience. Caller ID added another layer of convenience, aiding in personalized customer interactions right from the initial phone call. MiVoice Business’s capabilities, including automatic redial and efficient call transfer, significantly improved the hotel’s telephony processes. The partnership with IPC, backed by their skilled technical team and prompt support, ensured a smooth transition and ongoing operational excellence.

The seamless integration of Mitel's MiVoice Business solution enhanced our customer service and allowed us to process requests faster. The guest experience is better than ever thanks to the innovative communication solution provided by Mitel and IPC.

- Fletcher Mayes, General Manager, Marriott Palm Beach Gardens

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