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Overland Footwear Group

Rather than start again at the ground level with a new on-site telephony system, this New Zealand retailer took a different direction by moving to the cloud during the COVID-19 pandemic. The result has brought them further ahead in team collaboration and customer communication and led to operational simplicity and cost savings.

"Many companies went to Microsoft during the pandemic only to realize they don't actually support enterprise voice in the most seamless and cost-effective way. But, for us, if someone in Teams calls someone on the Mitel platform, it's seamless and with no extra costs." —Bob Kombora, IT Manager, Overland Footwear

    • Consistent, single-number communication within and between stores as well as with suppliers and customers
    • Create meaningful connections with customers
    • Ability to communicate from anywhere (especially during pandemic lockdowns)
    • Reliable call quality and telephone service
    • Super-reliable call quality and service from a connected-from-anywhere cloud communications system
    • Seamless integration with Microsoft suite, including Teams, as well as consolidated licensing
    • More than 20% reduction in annual communications costs
    • Consistent, anywhere communication for both internal and external parties
    • Drastically improved customer experience
    • Simple administration and maintenance means staff can focus on their jobs and not the communications system
    • Deep visibility and analysis of daily operations


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