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Premier Beverage Company

The customer service department at Premier Beverage is a busy place. Employees handle calls from customers wanting to place orders, report delivery concerns, pay bills and more. Answering calls within three rings can be a challenge, and when they aren’t fielding incoming calls, employees are busy off the phone, managing one of the 200 or so customers assigned to each of them.

When the company consolidated their customer service department in 2007, they knew they needed technology to address the situation and enable them to measure and manage the department’s performance. After weighing the costs and benefits of a number of options, they chose Mitel, and the Mitel Business Dashboard. Business Dashboard is able to report all the business metrics required by the customer service team without changing the way they operate, or turning their team into a contact center.

On a single screen, the Mitel Business Dashboard lets Customer Service Manager Anna Adams see everything necessary to understand and manage her department. “Everything I need is there on the dashboard, and I can control it any way I want... The Business Dashboard displays everything I need right in front of me – average call times, waiting calls, you name it. And I can modify it any way I want. I’m a big fan of this system.”

  • Achieve customer relationship excellence while increasing market share
  • Dramatically better customer service department performance
  • Average caller wait time reduced by 30%
  • Abandoned call rate cut by more than a third
  • Missed calls reduced by over half
  • Ability to set and monitor goals, perform meaningful employee appraisals and develop performance incentives
  • Better, faster service for increased customer satisfaction

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