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Silver Cloud Hotels has exclusively built its properties from the ground up, making them the developers, managers, and owners of every location. The brand boasts 8 operational hotels, with an additional one underway in downtown Bellevue, adding to its impressive history of 17 hotels. The company introduced a property in Point Ruston Waterfront, near Tacoma's Point Ruston Village, in 2021, with a dedicated emphasis on accommodating convention business. 

The hotels used Mitel systems around 1999, initially implementing the SX-200 IP Communications Platform. In 2016, coinciding with the opening of their downtown Seattle stadiums property, the hotels underwent a comprehensive upgrade, transitioning to the Mitel 3300 Gateway Controller. This decision significantly enhanced the efficiency and capabilities of each hotel’s communication infrastructure. 


Seattle-based TRI-TEC Communications has been Silver Cloud’s invaluable communications partner since 1997. TRI-TEC’s expertise has been pivotal in overseeing and managing the intricate process of the hotels' system upgrades, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition without compromising quality or reliability.

Recognizing the benefits of integrated operations, each hotel sought to future-proof its communication network by fostering the potential for a centralized reservation system during the upgrade. 

This initiative aimed to streamline administrative processes and ensure consistent and efficient communication between the various properties, enabling guests to have a cohesive and unified experience across the entire Silver Cloud network.


Embracing the imperative of staying ahead in communication technology, Silver Cloud fortified its infrastructure with the forward-looking MiVoice Business communication, collaboration, and customer experience solution in partnership with TRI-TEC. 

The Point Ruston Waterfront property is a testament to future-focused innovation, boasting an all-IP phone infrastructure extending to the guest rooms. Given this location's diverse departments, including convention, banquet services, and a spa, the seamless internal communication capability became a pivotal asset. Leveraging a multi-tiered Mitel Inattend auto attendant, the hotel ensures guests can reach the relevant departments effortlessly. 

The transition from the SX-200 to the Mitel 3300 Gateway Controller facilitated a shift from a standalone voicemail setup to an integrated voicemail system, enhancing overall operational efficiency and guest experience. 

As Silver Cloud ventures into developing a new hotel, TRI-TEC remains an integral partner, actively participating in the planning process and poised to aid in bringing the property online.

Our seamless partnership with Mitel elevated our guest service, allowing us to leverage their comprehensive feature set that caters to our every requirement. Integrating our property management system has transformed the guest experience, solidifying Mitel's position at the forefront of hotel phone systems.

- Stan Helewicz, Network Administrator, Silver Cloud Hotels

Benedictine Abbey Admont

Discover Benedictine Abbey Admont, a historic Austrian jewel that employs Unify OpenScape Business from Mitel for seamless communication.

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Marriott Palm Beach Gardens

The expansive, 282-room Marriott legacy property in Palm Beach Gardens is at the heart of Florida’s tourism hub. The locale thrives on corporate patronage while also embracing leisure travelers. The hotel capitalizes on its proximity to attractions like Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium, legendary golf courses, and upscale shopping and dining establishments. 

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Aloft Palm Jumeirah Hotel Dubai

Located on the Eastern crescent of the artificial Palm Jumeirah archipelago in Dubai, Aloft Palm Jumeirah features 208 contemporary rooms with views of the Gulf and the vibrant city coastline. The hotel serves travelers from all over the world with breezy comfort and top-quality hospitality.

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