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T-Mobile Netherlands

To help it stand out from the crowd and offer customers innovative services, T-Mobile Netherlands (TMNL) introduced Cloud & Clear, a fixed-mobile converged (FMC) solution for small and medium businesses. As the preferred supplier of Cloud & Clear, Mitel’s solutions will enable T-Mobile Netherlands to provide fixed and mobile telephony from the cloud to its customers, enabling a smooth migration path to the cloud.

According to Milan Růžička, Marketing Director for the Business Market for T-Mobile in the Netherlands, the company saw the need to go beyond ofering cloud telephony services by including mobile capabilities as well as fixed mobile convergence for its SMB customers, specifically customers with 20 full time employees or more. TMNL wanted to help their customers as they migrate their on-premises PBX to the cloud in a smooth and seamless way, while leveraging their existing phones and investments. In addition, the company wanted to utilize a flexible platform that allows the company to continuously implement new features and services that its customers can deploy at various stages. THE SOLUTION – CLOUD & CLEAR To meet these goals, TMNL turned to Mitel, as the two companies share a vision of a real-time mobile enterprise.

“We saw that our competitors were using another vendor and focusing on small companies,” said Růžička. “We’ve seen Mitel be successful in the SMB market, and they offer traditional and modern cloud PBX capabilities, plus contact center capabilities that enable and support multimedia, teleworkers, and home workers.”

    • Address the emerging cloud market, as well as customers’ need for more ‘mobile centric’ communications

    • Provide a lower total cost of ownership than its key competitors

    • Expand and become the leader of business-to-business (B2B) customer experience management

    • Outperform the market and be recognized as the most flexible provider

    • Accelerate service delivery to customers and partners

    • Customers can migrate to the service at their own pace (and where contracts allow)

    • It offers a variety of standard features, as opposed to a one size fits all “Centrex” model

    • Customers can scale up and down as needed, while adding and deleting features based upon the different profiles and add-ons

    • TMNL offers both flexi and pay per use or bundled subscriptions, providing customers with more options


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