Adecco Case Study

Whether a company needs workforce solutions, direct placement or temporary talent, Adecco has a solution. The Adecco Belgium division is made up of 700 employees spread across 120 locations throughout the country and needed a unified communications system.

Below is the video transcription:

Adecco is the worldwide leader in the HR industry. We are with 33,000 colleagues worldwide, working in 5,500 branches, and we are active in 60 countries. In Adecco Belgium we got a unique presence of 120 locations, so we're represented in every city and we have 700 proud colleagues working everyday for us. We find the right candidate for the right client. How can we match the perfect candidate with the perfect client? It's just by the interaction. And this is where the phone comes into place.

Our people are calling every day just to have this personal touch and this quick interaction with you. By not coming to the branches every day. You should know that in every branch we have a phone central, but it was totally decentralized. So, from a management perspective we did not had any control about how many communications we would be doing, where we would be calling to, if we had technical issues we should go on site, remote, at the branch, so this was actually a nightmare for us to manage. At a certain point we decided to move the HQ and we thought okay, this is the ideal moment. To implement a good Voice over IP solution.

Productivity is one of the key drivers or initiatives. We can work wherever we want at what times, so this is the flexibility that we brought to the business. We look now as a professional company. Having the same voicemails on 120 locations is really a nightmare to implement. Now it is centralized with just one click when you implement a very nice professional voicemail. All the interactions, all the calls that we have internal in Adecco Belgium are free right now. So this is a big advantage, and also because we have central outbreaks, we control the outbound and incoming traffic perfectly. This is also bringing us a real cost benefit at the end of the day. And if you see what kind of advantages we bring with speed? That's amazing.

Today, we see that the whole platform is integrated with our front office solution. So this means that the people are not dialing the number or typing the number on their phone. But they can just click it and then the system automatically calls the candidate. Mitel Network were innovation driven and they could listen very carefully. And this is something what's making Mitel Network so unique. At least we know the people, they know us. We have regular contacts. They listen to us. I think it's really company with the heart at the right place and that passion is one our key values. I think we are just matching perfectly.

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