Architects' Registration Board Case Study

ARB was able to stay ahead in regulating architects to ensure that good standards within the profession are consistently maintained with the Mitel 5000.


Below is the video transcription:

My name's Karen Holmes. I'm the Deputy Registrar at the Architect Registration Board, and my challenge was to provide a telephone system for the Architect Registration Board in our new building. We looked at various solutions and chose the Mitel 5000. Simply because it adds a huge amount of benefits for us as an organization, not only for today but also looking into the future. Some of the functionality I hadn't seen with other competitors. The phone manager provision that they allowed has actually saved us a huge amount of time. You store all of your contacts on your system, on your computer system, and you have it, basically, at the touch of a phone. It's been fantastic, very pleased.

We weren't actually having any problems, but we were relocating back after being in temporary accommodation for 18 months and needed a complete new telephone system. So we were in the market for something new to be able to service the needs of the organization.

What prompted us to engage with Mitel was the solution that was on the table really met the needs of the organization. It wasn't too big a solution but it gave us the ability to be able to expand if the need arose in the future.

We had had experience with Mitel solutions in another life. We had actually used the Mitel system in the temporary accommodation that we were in. And it was a very good system, one that we thought may meet our needs.

The solution we chose was the Mitel 5000 and the reason we chose that solution was because it met our current business needs. It offered some really great additional functionality to us as a business, such as the use of the phone manager, the ability to use your contacts from Outlook. But it also gave us the ability to expand in the future. It's got a lot of functionality that we're currently not using but could use if the need arises.

We currently use the Mitel 5000, which brings us a telephone system brings us a call management system, that enables us to track and understand our core volumes. It enables us to have the functionality to use Outlook, so that it's completely integrated. So our PC is integrated with our telephone system, which has brought great benefits to us, as a business.

The Mitel system has brought significant benefits to our organization in terms of the telephony system. We are now able to use our contact management within our app within Outlook to produce a seamless transition between our computers and our telephony provision. It has cut down on time, you can actually utilize your computer without using your phone. We've also enabled system numbers, so that people can call in directly to us, which we didn't have before. So it has definitely brought benefits.

In terms of time, actually being able to quantify the amount of time saved by the system is very difficult. However what I can say is that we've been able to put in a welcome greeting before the calls are answered by the receptionist which has really helped in relation to customer service. People know they're speaking the ARB before they actually speak to a human being. And, we've had so really good feedback about that feature, which has definitely helped us.

In terms of giving Mitel advice going forward, difficult for me to actually put into place any advice. But I would say is where Mitel came across very strongly when I was making this decision was the ability for me to be able to go and see their systems working live. That really did have a competitive edge. I was able to see people dealing with calls, and it really helped me making a decision in their favor.

I would recommend Mitel because it's provided a solution for a small organization. They didn't try to oversell us, which many competitors did. They tried to sell us a huge product that didn't actually meet the needs of us as an organization. The system is good for today, but also good for tomorrow, so I think they were great.

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