Banfield Pet Hospital Case Study

Banfield is the largest general veterinary practice in the world with over 850 hospitals in the United States and Puerto Rico. They manage a full range of comprehensive medical services, preventive pet health care plans and extended operating hours with Mitel Business IP Phones.

Below is the video transcription:


I think probably the reason why people work at Banfield is people are pet lovers to the Nth degree. People bring their pets to work. We have a dog park in front of the office. A three-acre dog park. And so people will take their pets there. It is truly pet central. And people very much support the goals of the company, which is pet and animal health.

The problem we were trying to address was we shared PBXs in a retail setting with PetSmart. And we very much rely on our phone systems to draw in business. And customers very much want to hear from us what happened after a surgery or after a treatment. Banfield has been a Mitel customer since 2005. We picked Mitel for a couple reasons. One was manageability. Two, you could do more with the product than you could with other VOIP offerings. But mostly we picked Mitel because it was right size for us.

So what we use the Teleworker solution for is obviously for call center agents working from home. They just take the phone, plug it into an internet connection, it authenticates to 3300 here. And then all of the management software and tool sets that you would normally have working centrally, you could have from someone's home. But we also repurpose the technology for our field leadership. We have approximately 150 people who work from home in the field and manage groups of hospitals or a certain geographic area. So they're just an extension off our main switch. They can access our voicemail. They use our corporate number. It's proven to be a great solution for a home office as well.

We have around about 11,000 endpoints. So each hospital has 14 to 16 handsets. We have one person who manages that. And it's just plug and play. If you want to do a move, add, change, breaks, we overnight a box, you plug it in, it authenticates, it's done. It's just a very inexpensive way to make sure you've got voice capability should you need it.

Banfield's future plans include expansion into Mexico. We have two hospitals there now. But we see that as a real growth area. We'll be building four hospitals in Puerto Rico, opening in March 2011. And we'll bring our Mitel technology with us. We're not technologists at Banfield, though we have a lot of technology. I like to think we're advanced in many ways. What we're about is medicine. And we're about using technology to help that. So I think Mitel will be a good traveling companion wherever we go around the planet. 

Thank you for calling Banfield.

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