Canadian Blood Services Case Study

CBS is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that has selected the Mitel Freedom architecture, including UC Advanced and Virtual Solutions. This enables them to connect mobile employees and manage organizational growth and efficiencies.

Below is the video transcription:

Canadian Blood Services has two strategic directions. One is managing growth and the other one is managing efficiencies. As a result, virtualization becomes extremely important. We have a workforce that travels everyday. Our communications infrastructure was not in a position or prepared to enable us to communicate as we're traveling. And we were looking for an integrator that could help us with an understanding of the healthcare industry and we found that Maplesoft was extremely helpful in that area and covered several areas of technology that we were interested in at the time.

Maplesoft has been in business since 1996. We're a national systems integrator. We have two lines of business, one is consulting and one is technology, and our relationship with Kimlet Services started, really, with this particular project. While we're particularly excited about the relationship is that healthcare is a key vertical market for Maplesoft.

Kimlet Services has many locations across Canada. With the legacy system that they had in the past the communication wasn't fully integrated in to their business process and their operations.

Mitel as a communication provider is leading the market with their freedom architecture which allows us with the customers to really come up with any kind of architectural solution for the environment. A lot of freedom with the virtualization.

What we were really excited about with Mitel Architecture was the fact that we viewed it as being less complex, but extremely feature rich. 

Less moving parts and it also enable us to use some of our existing architecture.

Virtualization is enabling us to do several different things including create more efficiencies and to enable us to do disaster recovery. Mitel's dynamic extension allows us to route calls virtually anywhere than an employee travels within Canada.

Well the benefits of a unified communicator advance will be presence. I'll be able to determine the availability of people that I would want to touch base with and then I won't be playing telephone tag with them. Also, the unified communicator advance soft phone will allow me when traveling to keep in touch with work and it won't be like having a phone, office phone where I am.

UCA is a technology that we plan to use that completely transform that the way are our employees communicate with each other based on our philosophy of anytime, anywhere, real time communication. So for instance, an employee could start a chat message with somebody else and be able to do that back and forth and then promote that call to a voice call or even a video call, and at the same time be able to bring in other employees to collaborate on a project that they may be working on.

Canadian Blood Services is going through an infrastructure refresh and as such we enjoy having a partnership with organizations like Maplesoft and Mitel. We are currently going in the direction of adding Mitel MVS technology, telecollaboration, and call center management.

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