Hospitality Webinar: Connected Guests and Operational Efficiency

Get the key to quality guest experience and operational efficiency.

Watch this informational webinar with Mitel's Jim Davies,CTO Enterprise and VP Vertical Initiatives, Mark Phillips, president of Telecom Consulting Group and 12 year hotelier veteran, and analyst Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst of COMMfusion LLC, to learn:

  • What's shaping today's guest experience and how you can improve it
  • Revenue opportunities that mobile-first applications can provide your business
  • The benefits of premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments for different hospitality environments
  • How the right system will free up staff time and save you money
  • What an integration with 85 property management systems and applications looks like for you
Learn more about how Connected Guests solutions provide scalable, reliable communications optimized for the hospitality industry. From small hotels to some of the world's largest luxury establishments, find out why hoteliers rely on Mitel communications technology for stellar guest service, operational efficiency, and flexible deployment options.


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