Indiana Pacers Case Study

By using high-performance Mitel communications solutions, the Pacers have quicker response times to customer inquiries and better training to provide the right information to their customers.


Below is the video transcription:

We are Pacers Sports & Entertainment. We have the Indiana Pacers, the Indiana Fever, Fort Wayne Mad Ants, and we manage Bankers Life Fieldhouse
on behalf of the city. Fan Experience for us is huge so with being a professional sports team, a lot of people say, "well it depends on what happens on the court or what happens on the field" - true. But it's really how they connect with us and how they connect with the person that they purchase their tickets from, the service we provide. Field technology we had basically we were blind to what was happening from a call standpoint. We didn't know what was happening so that was the biggest issue we had by far not knowing how many people were calling, when they were calling, who they want to talk to, so we completely had no information. 

After implementing the Mitel system, we've had outstanding results. We share mobile workforce that can get out in the community and do their job. We have a completely reliable system that never goes down, sound quality is outstanding. We really are able to use our phones as an asset to do our jobs better. 

Mobility is key. Our clients are not in our building. They're out in the real world. Being able to be mobile with our phone solution allows us to interact directly with our clients. Our new system routes every call to the right person, first time out of the gate. We're using our call reporting to help us with staffing so it helps us staff more appropriately. Depending on the promotion or the ticket sales going on, we know the right number people to have on the phone, and when to have them on the phone. We use call recording for training, it's huge for us. We can listen in on any call, we can record those calls, and then play them back to the reps and help give them tips on better ways to handle communication. 

Every year the NBA does a survey across every team. Since working with Mitel, our customer service scores have actually increased and we're very excited about that. 

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