Intrasphere Technologies Case Study

Intrasphere is an early adopted of technology, so it was important for this team to have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Mitel's Business IP Softphones provided that reliable mobility.

Below is the video transcription:


We were an early adopter of VMware ESX technology. We standardized on VMware for our virtualization platform and it was a big, big deal for us that Mitel had a
supported system and Mitel and VMware had a partnership for over two years. So we know that the solution we're getting is stable, has been tested, and actually works.

So there's two players that we found the freedom that Mitel gave us to work with. One was VMware that we had been using for over five years and we have a wealth of expertise, in-house experience, and knowledge that we've developed that we could utilize. The other one is the Dell hardware that is a standard. We are a Dell shop. We use all Dell servers.

One of the big things that we needed as a consulting firm was flexibility. We needed people to be able to walk up to a desk and log into a phone as they log into a computer. The Hot Desk feature from Mitel allows us every single phone we have at Intrasphere is a Hot Desk phone where people can login. We also found the Mitel features of the Teleworker and Softphone very viable. Those are great remote options for our people. People can have a physical office phone, the same phone that they have at their office desk, at their home office and do all the business functions they need with that. The Softphone works on their laptop. They're traveling, they could be on a broadband wireless card, and they can have the same four-digit dialing extension and functionality that they can. We're quite excited about the UCA functionality that is coming out soon and the ability to integrate our desk extensions with our BlackBerry extensions, as everyone at Intrasphere has a Blackberry and being able to tie those two worlds together is quite an exciting possibility.

Cortel is a 35-year-old unified communication service provider. We work with a variety of clients in the New York metropolitan area in a variety of verticals. We serve as the financial services market, the professional services, hospitality, health care, and not-for-profits. The conversation around virtualizing voice came quite naturally with Intrasphere. Intrasphere Technologies has virtualized most of their data applications probably five years ago. So during a recent discussion around a move, we decided that the right thing for them to do was to take that next step and add voice into their converge data infrastructure. We've been working with Cortel for many years now and we're quite happy with the solutions they provide, the depth of experience they have, and their ability to gauge our problems and give us appropriate solutions.

We're very excited about the future with all these devices and all these separate technologies coming together in the data center. The fact that voice, which at one point was a separate entity, now coming and merging with the data being virtualized, on the same platform, and then all the benefits that you get with virtualization, that you can now integrate basically your voice and data networks together, it gives us a lot of possibilities, especially from portability, back-up, disaster recovery, all those great things.


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