Louvre-Lens Case Study

The Louvre Lens museum is a decentralized branch of the Paris Louvre, hosted by the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in the city of Lens . The backbone of the museum is the Galérie du Temps. The museum chose Mitel for its modern technology.

Below is the video transcription:

The Louvre Lens museum is a decentralized branch of the Paris Louvre, hosted by the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of the city of Lens. The backbone of the museum is the Gelerie du Temps, a vast space measuring 3,000 m² where 205 works from the Paris collection are exhibited. This gallery offers a chronological panorama of different techniques and civilizations.

The Louvre Lens is a museum looking to the future in a building of contemporary design, equipped with the latest technological innovations and ready to respond to the technology of today and tomorrow. The project we have deployed is inline with this strategy, with a highly effective, robust, and secure network infrastructure.

Firstly, the network infrastructure must provide the technical foundation for the implementation of all the information system components. Secondly, innovative tools and mobility have to be implemented, for example the multimedia museum guide, and tools for museum operations. Thirdly, we seek optimized operation, quality of service, high-level performance.

Adapting to the architectural and operational constraints of the museum, coordinating startup of network and telecoms resources to meet the needs of administration, building management, customer services, and the resources center.

Why choose Mitel and INEO Digital? We chose Mitel for its modern IP technology, the integration of SIP and XML, mobility solutions including DECT, DECT SIP, Wi-Fi. This choice included an extensive range of terminals, convergent and collaborative communications services, incorporating several levels of security, resilience and encryption. Why did you bring in INEO Digital? We chose INEO Digital for its expertise, and experience in network and telecoms technology; INEO presented a coherent technical architecture that met the needs of the museum.

Once the museum was open, we saw several benefits of the Mitel and INEO Digital solutions. The first one is simplicity of use. Administrative interfaces are simple to use. This enables us to quickly deploy telephones. Secondly, system security. Mitel and INEO Digital developed a fully redundant architecture. Each of the two server rooms at the museum are equipped with all components. So, in the event of a power outage or equipment malfunction there will be no interruption of service.

Mobility. The entire museum, exhibition spaces as well as operational zones, are covered by DECT and Wi-Fi, meaning that maintenance and security teams, IT teams and outreach and mediation staff, can be reached anywhere in the museum. Thanks to this infrastructure, we can offer visitors internet access entirely free of charge. In addition, our 2,000 multimedia museum guides can upload museum visit information to our website.

Using the IVR and billing solutions implemented by Mitel we have been able to improve our telephone reception. The billing system gives us reports on peak numbers of calls for each day of the week. One feature to be highlighted is museum's architectural constraints: the architecture of the SANAA agency required that no multimedia equipment be visible anywhere, whether Wi-Fi or DECT. INEO and Mitel accomplished prodigious technological feats to hide all the equipment, while maintaining optimum quality throughout the entire museum.

Three objectives were envisioned. The first is the Wi-FI and DECT coverage, we wanted to extend to a portion of the museum's park so that maintenance crews can be reached wherever they are. The second objective concerned unified messaging; our roaming employees who would like to receive messages and faxes on the move. The third objective was the creation of a call center to improve customer service by adding a computerized link to our reservation system. This allows us to direct calls according to area of competency, and also post announcements regarding museum-related events.

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