Mitel is Customer Focused

Transcription from the video:

Hi, I'm Rich McBee, president and CEO of Mitel. I spend a lot of time listening to customers, understanding their needs, understanding where they're going in the future, understanding the critical aspects that they need to communicate and collaborate with their customers, their employees and their partners.

Innovation is key at Mitel. We spend a significant amount of resources making sure that customers have solutions for today and into the future.
More importantly, we spend a significant amount of our resources making sure that our products are seamless, so you can go from a premises-based solution or an onsite solution to a private cloud, to a hybrid cloud, or to a pure cloud solution, seamlessly, along the journey with the customer the entire way.
The products and solutions that we provide allow you to operate your system today, tomorrow, into the future. But a lot of vendors can also say that. The thing that makes Mitel different is that we've been a business for over 45 years. We're going to be here.
Our people care and provide the customer support, the personal service that you need to be successful. We're a business communications and collaboration company. That's what we do. Our single job, our single focus, is to make your communications and collaboration as seamless as possible.
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