Movie Park Case Study

Movie Park is Germany's unique film and entertainment theme park. They wanted to modernize their phone systems to increase ease of communication for employees and chose Mitel solutions to fit their needs perfectly.

Below is the video transcription:

We had an old phone system from the 90s and it was hard to get replacement parts. It was extremely expensive to maintain it.

We had a short time frame for this project. We need to establish the whole system before the park opens in winter period. We need to have communication at every area, at every attraction in the park to ensure safe and good experience for our guests.

My name is Michael Jagers, I'm a manager IT in Movie Park. Movie Park is Germany's unique film and entertainment theme park. We have around about 1.3 million visitors a year. Besides the capability to use analog phones and IP phones in the Hybrid System, we wanted to modernize it also to increase the comfort for the communication of our employees, like using a CTI solution, get a modern voicemail system.

We decided on the Mitel system because of the recommendation of the Mitel partner. We saw directly that the Mitel system would 100% fit our needs. We need to have a modern system which also is able to use the old analog phones. For the administration offices, we decided to get new IP phones because we wanted to have the flexibility of those to, for instance, move one person from this office to another one in an easy way and to easily maintain it.

We also decided for the Mitel Business CTI solution and an external call center solution. We were able to decrease the cost with an amount of 15,000 euro. By getting reports out of the system, we also saw that we had 12% more calls with our customers. We decreased the loss of calls in our ACD solution by 11%.

I’m very happy with the system and all the employees are also happy to have an easy maintained communication with our new system. I would definitely recommend Mitel system because of the flexibility it gives. Because of the easy administration. Mitel really powers communication.

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