Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Case Study

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio turned to MitelĀ® and its local partner, Cleveland-based Warwick Communications, to deliver a cost-effective and cutting edge voice communications and collaboration solution.

Below is the video transcription:

The way that the Mitel system supports the rhythm of the rock called business. We run a very lean ship here, and we have to run very quickly and very efficiently all the time in order to get our jobs done. And so anything that can improve that flow of of effort and communication is fundamental to that to make sure that you're effective. We're a museum that's open 365 days a year. And we have about a half million people a year who visit the museum, and they come from all over the country and all over the world, and they're always calling in to try to find out information.

Looking for the different manufacturers out there as far as what they could provide to the Rock and Roll, they needed to have most of the more current and sophisticated applications and functionality that is in the market today, such as mobility and unified communications. We had narrowed 11 bids down to 3, and all 3 came to the Rock and Roll with their systems to demonstrate all the features and applications. It was only Mitel that was able to give a full demonstration of all features and applications, and present it in a way that they fully understood and made it simple to understand.

Mitel and then also the local provider here, Warwick Communications, who has stood out right from the get go in terms of their depth of knowledge in the system they were showing to us. As well as what appeared to be a very strong customer focus.

There were definitely other competitors in there, AT&T, ShoreTel, Avaya. We quickly weeded out a few of the others, based on the fact that Avaya just could not provide the quality of service that we were looking for that Mitel could. AT&T could not provide the price range that we were looking for that Mitel could. It's just these factors that came into play that kinda eliminate the other competitors just very quickly. The three reasons that we really wanted to switch to Mitel was the reliability, the redundancy, and the quality of service, just couldn't beat it.

We have the capability now if a new person comes on board or we need to move people around, I can get that done in a matter of minutes where it may have taken days before.

Well one of the things it did is it lowered our annual operating cost. Which is any time you go from more of an old line phone system into a voice over IP solution, you can lower your operating costs which helps pay back the up front capital investment and then over time, saves you money. We estimated about a four year payback. Looking back at the folks and the systems that we evaluated as well as the local partners that we evaluated, I still feel confident that we made the right choice for the Rock Hall.

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