Mitel Teamwork

Easy-to-use tools that make collaboration simple

Mitel Teamwork is a collaborative web and mobile application designed for the Mitel MiCloud Connect user. With integrated tools, from real-time instant messaging to collaborative team workspaces and video conferencing to collaborative desktop sharing, Mitel Teamwork will transform the way you work and enable your teams to be more productive and collaborative, whether they're in the office or on the go.

Key Benefits
Increased business productivity
With collaboration, video conferencing and messaging all rolled into a single, unified service, employees spend less time trying to connect and more time engaged in productive communications. 
Collaborate in the cloud
Collaborate anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road, MiCloud Connect is always there with you. 
Multiple devices - single experience
Get a communications experience that’s consistent across all your devices, from your desktop to mobile device. Stop a conversation on one device and pick it up on another. It’s that simple. 
Project management made simple
Keep up-to-date on projects, assigned tasks and track the progress of activities with team members, all within a single application. 

Is this product right for you?

    • Single, unified experience 
    • Provides unified communication and team collaboration 
    • Available for iOS, Android, and Web 
    • Video conferencing with web sharing 
    • Persistent collaborative workspaces  
    • Individual and group chat 
    • Business SMS texting

    • File sharing 
    • Personal dashboard for easy tracking 
    • To-do creation and tracking 
    • Store/archive data by project, subject or person 
    • Conversations mirrored across all devices in real time 
    • Mobile-first design 
Convenient, everyday collaboration tools

It's surprising what a big difference the "little things" can make. From simple setup to real-time screen sharing, MiCloud Connect makes meetings easy.

  • Conferencing — Quickly initiate video meetings with a tap of a button
  • Messaging — Interact with others through one-to-one and group instant messaging or with customers using Business SMS texting
  • Desktop sharing — Share your screen for real-time review of documents and presentations

Get work done-from anywhere

Being out of the office should never slow you down. Mitel Teamwork is built on a modern cloud architecture with end-to-end encryption for on-demand scalability and security that's made for enterprise collaboration

  • Puts the power of team collaboration in the palm of your hand-chat, file sharing, action items, and online meetings
  • Join meetings with one click of the Join button-no more dial-in hassles
  • No VPN required for access to your mobile, virtual office workspace

Improve team-based interactions

Empower teams to be productive from anywhere and from any device without getting bogged down by email chains. Mitel Teamwork is a virtual, mobile workspace app that lets teams:    

  • Send messages and track conversations
  • Share content and files
  • Create and assign tasks to teammates
  • Take a conversation from online to real-time
  • Know exactly what activities requires your immediate attention
  • Gather face-to-face from any location

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