Everyone with a Mitel Sky phone number has a personal homepage in the Mitel Sky Portal with easy-to-understand statistics related to your phone usage.

It’s your own communications dashboard and it tells you:

  • Live Answer - This is the ratio of calls that you answer to calls that result in a voicemail or hangup.  It is one way to measure your responsiveness compared with others in similar jobs.
  • Time on Phone - Total minutes you spend on the phone with the busiest day highlighted.
  • Inbound/Outbound/Internal - A count of phone calls shown by inbound, outbound, or within your organization.
  • Who calls you the most - The top 10 callers who call you most frequently with the top caller highlighted.
  • Who you call the most - The top 10 numbers you call the most with the top number highlighted.
  • Total calls - Total count of inbound, outbound, and internal calls on bar chart.

Key Benefits
Call detail records
Like most solutions, Mitel Sky creates a call detail record (CDR) for each call. This is useful to understand high level activity and is often necessary for billing purposes. It generally applies only to external calls.
Call leg data
Mitel goes a step further and creates a record for every leg of each call (CLD). This helps us understand exactly how calls move through the system, no matter how many auto attendants are used or how many times the call is transferred. It applies to internal as well as external calls and is the reason we are able to provide more detailed reports and dashboards including Talk Time and our Live Answer Service Metric.

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Mitel Sky Portal Home View and Dashboard Features
    • Live Answer – The Live Answer service metric is available for any individual, group, team or the entire company.
    • Talk Time – This valuable report provides amount of time spent talking on the phone for individual, teams, groups and locations. Talk time excludes ring time and hold time.

    • Time on Phone – This report is organized by individual with summaries by team or group and includes inbound, outbound, and internal time on the phone by day of week.
    • Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls and Total Calls – Reports for each are available by individual with summarizes by team or group and display call volume by date.

Is this product right for you?

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