Mitel IP Dect 532 542

MITEL IP-DECT 532/542 The Mitel IP-DECT system is designed to enable voice service, messaging and alarm handling between Mitel cordless DECT handsets and Mitel communications systems via corporate LANs. The Mitel IP-DECT is compatible with MiVoice Business, MiVoice MX-ONE, and MiVoice 5000

Key Benefits
Compact and easily mounted
The compact design of the IP-DECT access point make it easy to install on a wall or pole or, if necessary, placed in a housing and mounted outdoors.
Excellent signal quality and strength
The IP-DECT access point is fitted with either an internal antenna or connectors for external antennas, depending on the version installed.
Flexible and adaptive functionality
The IP-DECT access points feature nine channels with which to handle calls, messaging and alarms; however, one channel is dedicated to alarms to make sure that alarms are always transmitted.
IP Versatality
When connected directly to your local area network (LAN), the IP-DECT access point provides IP telephony, protected by the security of DECT radiocommunications.

Key Features :

    • Supports internal antennas (IPBS532) and external antennas (IPBS542)
    • Enhanced DECT Security 
    • Roaming and handover
    • 8 simultaneous voice calls
    • Messaging, Alarm and Interactive Messaging
    • Broadcast and Multicast Messaging
    • H.323 or SIP protocol over IP
    • Secure SIP over TLS and SRTP
    • Over the air synchronization
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) or local power supply
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