Mitel BB424

The Mitel BB424 button box is an excellent tool for operators, receptionists, assistants and supervisors

The BB424 provides visibility over other users as well as single-button access to advanced telephony features including transfer, silent monitor and barge in. The BB424 is a USB accessory for the IP485g IP phone and features 24 programmable buttons. Users can also employ the four page buttons across the bottom to program up to 96 buttons total. If the user prefers seeing all the buttons at the same time, up to four physical units can be used instead (requires additional local power supply). 

Key Benefits
Allows telephony features including transfer, silent monitor and barge in 
272 x 480 pixeled, color, backlit LED screen 
Offers 96 programmable buttons 

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Technical Specs
    • 24 Tricolor LED 
    • 4 Page Buttons 
    • 12 character x 14 line display (back lit, grayscale) 
    • 272 x 480 Pixels, Color, Backlit 
    • USB (standard), or local power (optional) 

    • USB - 1.8W Idle/2.5W Active/3.3W Max 
    • Local adapter - 2.3W Idle/3.2W Active/3.7W max 
    • Loop Length: 0.5m 
    • Hearing-Aid Compatible 
    • 4.9 x 5.0 x 4.9in (12.5 x 12.7 x 12.4cm) 1.56 lb (0.71 kg) 

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